4 Reasons Out Of State Moving Companies Are Better Than Going It Alone

out of state moving companiesI remember each and every single time I moved from apartment to apartment until finally settling down in a home of my own.

Going from each apartment to the next was troubling enough because I needed to look into out of state moving companies and I couldn’t stand the times I was set up on the higher floors.

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Higher floors meant more steps and where there’s more steps, there was a much longer moving process for my friends and I.

That’s why moving into a home felt amazing, but not for the reason of having more space. It was the satisfaction of having wised up and hired an out of state moving company to carry the heavy load.

There were so many reasons why I employed the help of an interstate moving company – and why you should, too.

4 Reasons To Hire Out Of State Moving Companies:

So go ahead and put the boxes down and let the professionals do it, considering that a local moving company can also perform jobs out of state depending upon the consumer’s needs.

1.Time: It’s simple, really. Packaging up every small item into boxes is tedious enough. Throw in work obligations and whatever else may be going on in your life and the thought of finding time to move becomes overwhelming.

Calling upon the services of a moving company helps you focus on getting the rest of your things in order and puts you back on a productive track. The whole process can be done in under two days or fewer, rather than the sporadic days here and there it might take you and your friends to do.

2. Less Injury Risk: Moving on your own, whether it’s on the fifth floor of an apartment or into a two-story home, always leaves the door open for possible injury. Injuries can stem from straining your back, legs or arms with the heavier items. Other instances might be where you’ve completely thrown your back out because you weren’t lifting properly.

In both cases, you can avoid the injury bug by letting professional movers do it for you. Not only are they trained to properly move bulky items, but most all of them are wearing waist lifting belts to help ensure the move goes off without a hitch.

3. Tools of the Trade: I once tried moving an entire mattress set with it strapped atop my ’89 Honda Accord – The WHOLE thing. That was both hazardous and probably illegal at the same time.

Now, imagine for a second what would have happened if I tried to move a dresser with that car? For one, that would never work. Two, it would be almost impossible to get everything in one, clean swoop.

That’s why it’s great to have relocation companies around when you need them. They have moving trucks according to size and need, dollies for swift and safe loading and unloading, belt straps to tie down refrigerators, dressers, dryers and washers, and practically any item with loose doors. Put the whole package together, and you’re all but guaranteed a move without backtracking.

4. The Almighty $: Add up all the costs of tape rolls, boxes of all shapes and sizes, truck rentals, gas estimates for the entire trip and other financial figures associated with moving by yourself. It’s quite possible the total sum is going to be higher than employing a mover almost every time.

With relocation services available, you cut out all the rental trucks, the endless piles of boxes and all the other annoyances that add up in time. To put this one in greater perspective, think about trying to move your own business by yourself, let alone your residence? It’d be a potential nightmare.

To wrap it up: In the end, I regret every time I moved by myself because I sit back and recount what I could have done with all that free time. Because no matter how you slice it, out of state moving companies give you just that and a whole lot more.

Request Up To 7 FREE Moving Quotes From Our Pre-Qualified List Of Licensed Out Of State Moving Companies That Can Help You Reduce Your Moving Budget. Compare Services And Save Up To 35%

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