Top 5 Moving Company Frauds To Remain Vigilant About

moving company fraudsAnyone that is going to be moving needs to consider hiring a moving company to help him make his move easier, but before you can do that, you should be aware of these few tricks, these moving company frauds to be on the lookout for.

Always be on the watch for these moving scams complaints from other consumers because they will alert you to the kind of moving companies to steer clear from as you navigate the spectrum in your quest to avoid moving scams.

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Moving Company Frauds:

One: Low estimate without an inspection – The first step of how to avoid moving scams is recognize the bait and switch technique. When you are going to hire a moving company, it is always a good idea to get free moving estimates from various moving providers. You just need to realize that it is just that, an estimate and not a binding contract.

Before you decide to hire any relocation services, you have to be sure that they do an inspection of your belongings that need to be moved so they can give you a more accurate moving quote.

If you don’t do this, then don’t be surprised when the moving company tries to charge you more for the move – again the bait and switch technique being done on you a gullible consumer.

Two: Insurance –
No matter what you may be told about the moving insurance. being adequate, always opt for more insurance with the moving service company or get insurance on your own as a way to protect yourself from moving scams. This will prevent you from being responsible for any damage, lost or stolen items.

Plus, it will make the moving company liable for your belongings if the damage was done when it was in their possession.

Three: Federal government booklet – This is required by every moving company to be given to their customers. If you don’t receive this booklet, which explains the customer’s right and responsibilities, then be wary about the company. The department of transportation requires these moving service companies to inform about these moving scams consumer booklet whereby a consumer would understand where to go should a complaint needs to be filed.

Four: No company trucks – This is a big relocation scam that some relocation service companies try to pull. You want to make a point of checking out the company first hand so you can look at the trucks they will be using. If you don’t see a company truck with their business name on it and it looks like a rental truck, then find a new company.

If the company is legitimate and trustworthy, then they will have their own company trucks to use. Search for moving scams on craigslist and for moving scams forums on the Internet to see if there are any other consumers who have voiced a negative experience with the moving service business you are considering hiring for your own move.

Five: No physical address – There are some companies that will not have an actual physical brick and mortar address. This is a big sign that the company is one you want to avoid. If the company is legitimate, then you will be able to easily find and visit their brick and mortar address to check things out more for yourself. In fact, this moving company scams weight so heavy that this factor alone will be enough reason to avoid this so called moving company because it falls within the characteristics of a “rogue mover”.

With these 5 moving fraud alerts that you have to be on the lookout for so you can easily avoid them. If you find any of these moving frauds with any company, then move on to a new one. This will ensure you hire a good company that will help make your move easy and smooth instead of turning it into a nightmare for you.

So to wrap up: If you are going to be hiring a relocation moving company to help you relocate to a new home, then you don’t want to do that without first learning about moving company frauds that you need to be on the lookout for. These relocation scams will tell you when you have a found a company to avoid.

Take time now to learn what these 5 scams are so you don’t end up hiring the wrong moving company and fall a victim of what could be an avoidable situation.

Avoid Falling Victim Of Fraud And Request Up To 7 FREE Moving Quotes From Our Pre-Qualified List Of Reputable Movers. Compare Services While Avoiding Frauds, And Save Up To 35%

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