Moving Company Insurance- Who Is Responsible For Damaged Goods?

Moving Company Insurance

by Amy Nutt

Moving can be a very difficult task because it involves packing up everything you own and moving it to a completely different location. To make the process easier, the services of a moving company is usually needed. However, there is one common mistake that individuals make when employing the services of a moving company and that is underestimating the type and how much moving insurance coverage is needed in case anything becomes damaged. It is common to check and see that the company offers insurance and just assume that it covers all possible damages and then just go on. This can be quite problematic.

It is not enough to rely on the fact that most moves are trouble-free. However, damages do occur and it can be quite a headache. That is why you should invest in insurance coverage because the moving company is not going to be responsible for damage to your property. It is required that they be as careful as possible, but accidents do happen. By making sure you have adequate moving insurance, you are able to have any broken items replaced or repaired when damaged during the moving process.

Moving Company Insurance Tip

You can always check with your home insurance company and see if they have anything in your existing policies that covers you when you are moving besides what you have with the moving company insurance. This is a step you want to take before anything else because you don’t want to pay the movers extra for insurance that you already have. If your home insurance company does, ask them if there are any exclusions. If by any chance there is not any coverage or it isn’t adequate, you can ask them for something that will cover the move.

Other things you can do are:

– Talk to your movers before making any type of agreement with them. Ask for the details of their coverage such as exclusions, limits, and so on. Many times insurance is included in the quote, but you have to make sure it is adequate. Never move with moving companies that do not have any moving company insurance.

– If they do offer moving insurance, check to see if their insurance covers damage to the premises. If so, you have to tell them as soon as the damage occurs in order for it to be covered. You may also find that they will have you make a list of extremely valuable items and that you’ll have to pay extra for these items being moved.

Policies to look out for:

Look for policies that have you pay by weight. This usually works by pound. This policy usually only works according to depreciation value, so you may only receive back the current worth of an item. It is possible to pay extra to cover the value rather than the weight. You also have the option to pay for a full value moving insurance policy. These types of relocation policies usually give you market value in case damage occurs. However, it will result in the repair, replacement, or payment for the damaged item.

For many individuals, the basic moving company insurance policy that is included in the mover’s price is enough. However, it is especially important for you to pay attention to the policy when you are making an international move. That will be an instance in which you’ll probably need more moving insurance coverage, since the longer distance means a higher risk of damage to your belongings. So just make sure you always read the small print that comes with your moving contract. Always look for exclusions and clauses so that you have an idea of what you need to do to protect your items.

Moving Company Insurance Alternatives

You can also opt to request multiple moving quotes from different relocation companies, ask them for what is and what is not covered in their own packaged mover’s insurance policy. It is very realistic that you can find a mover with the right nation-wide moving company insurance so that you don’t have to acquire any more coverage some other way.

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