Echo Trans World Mover Review

echo trans world mover reviewConsidering making a move using Echo Trans World headquartered in New York City?

Before hiring any moving company to haul your worldly possessions, it is recommended that you first go through several steps to ensure your move goes as plan.

Remember that a well executed international or national move begins with proper planning, ample time to execute your strategy, and above all – proper selection of the company that is supposed to partner with you to successfully move your belongings at a good market-fair price and on a timely manner.

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Echo Trans World Reviews To Check Out Its Reputation:

1. Request several moving quotes from different movers besides echo trans world.
When you get different movers to compete for your business, you can compare apples to apples.  Check how different their moving quotes are based on weight, distance, and price. Check for any hidden charges and also make sure these are binding moving quotes. Any reputable company is going to send an estimator to your home to give you a NOT TO EXCEED PRICE. What some people don’t understand is that at the time of the estimate you should receive a list of inventory. Your price is based on that list of inventory agreed upon so if they don’t give you a list of inventory that is your first red flag.

2. Check the company’s background and references.
Once you decide for several potential movers, then dig further to check their history.

  • What kind of complaints do they have on records?
  • How do they resolve any disputes?
  • Are they licensed in the state where they operate?
  • Are they insured?
  • Are they bonded?

You can Google their names to review all kinds of customer feedback. For example you can type:

“echo trans world customer feedback”


“echo trans world reviews”

In fact recently, Echo Trans World was profiled in Channel 10 News where the company has been less than forthcoming with a consumer’s complaint about a move to Mexico. Watch this interesting video here:

Echo Trans World Related Video:

Former News10 reporter Dan Adams says his $9,500 move turned into a $14,000 nightmare.

Beware Moving’s Hidden Nightmares, Victims Say

On this video, it is recommended that to avoid being scammed you should follow these steps:

1. Get a moving carrier:
Don’t use a moving broker. You have limited liabilities with a broker – get a carrier instead.

2. Get a Copy of  “Your Rights And Responsibilities When You Move” handbook:
This handbook should be furnished by the mover by Federal Law.  Otherwise get it here:

Your Rights And Responsibilities When You Move Handbook

You can access the Spanish version here:

Sus Derechos Y Responsabilidades Cuando Se Mude

3. Document all your belongings:
Photograph or video tape your belongings before you hand over your belongings to the mover. This should help you in case of disputes.

As you consider hiring Echo Trans World to move you, make sure that these red flags are not evidenced in their business process.

Red Flags for Spotting Rogue Movers

If you follow these moving tips,  you should be better prepare to choose the right moving company to hire and have an uneventful moving experience. Heck, moving as it is, it’s already stressful, you don’t want to add more stress dealing with a less-than-honest moving company.

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Get Up To 7 Free No-Obligation Moving Quotes From Other Professional Moving Companies. Compare Rates And Save Up To 35%

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