Five reasons why Sussex is a great place to live

From idyllic coastlines to the rolling hills of the South Downs, historical towns and villages to modern bustling cities, there is sure to be something in Sussex for everyone. Whether you like going for long walks, relaxing and sunbathing on the beach or shopping ‘til you drop, you’ll find plenty to entertain yourself. With a huge range of different property for sale, there’s sure to be something to suit everyone’s needs. Here’s just a few reasons why Sussex is a good choice of place to live…

1. Scenery
Sussex’s unique position between the coast and the South Downs means you get the best of both worlds. The extensive coastline has beaches of all kinds, from the pebble beaches of Brighton and Eastbourne to the wide open sands at West Wittering or the imposing white cliffs at Seven Sisters and Beachy Head. If a day at the beach is not your thing, there are endless options for walks on the Downs, with countless planned routes for walkers of all abilities to take in the scenery see some of Sussex’s many historical sights along the way.

2. Economy
So the whole country is in recession at the moment, but some areas of business are still looking promising. Brighton is a hub for many of these internet-based businesses, and there is still work if you know where to look. Property for sale in Sussex is still amongst the highest valued in the UK, and with numerous new developments of residential property in towns still going ahead despite the recession it’s looking like Sussex could be one of the first areas to bounce back.

3. Family
Sussex is a really great place for kids to grow up. Too many children have never left the city but even if you’re living in the centre of Brighton you have both the beach and the countryside at your fingertips. There are loads of activities and family attractions, from historical sites that offer the opportunity to play and learn, to exciting adventure playgrounds, parks and zoos.

4. Culture
The arts play a major role in life in Sussex, with countless small galleries and studios throughout the county. There are also loads of theatres, halls and venues of all sizes that showcase all sorts of performance from drama and dance to comedy and music. Don’t forget to check out the Brighton Festival in May for a really unique experience – second only to Edinburgh festival in its eccentricity!

5. Location
It’s not just the proximity to both the beach and countryside that makes Sussex such an attractive place to live. It’s great for transport links – Gatwick Airport is the UK’s second largest, and it’s not too far along the coast to the channel tunnel. London is within easy reach – a train from Brighton to London takes under an hour – so it’s an easy commute and all the attractions of the capital are available without the cost or stress of living in the city.

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