Home Moving Tips – Avoid Being Scammed By Movers

With more and more consumers realizing that moving across state lines is another viable way to find employment, the moving industry is seeing a surge of moving activities across the board.

Here are home moving tips to help you avoid doing business with fraudulent movers who are bent to take advantage of consumers in these times of uncertainties.

Watch this video to learn the top scams movers use:

1. The Hostage

2. Bait and Switch

3. Trumped-Up Charges

4. Late Or Never Delivery

5. Reckless Abandonment

Also watch other home moving tips to prepare you to negotiate with a potential moving company. Discover:

I. What Not To Do

II. How To Ensure A Happy Move

III. Where To Get Help

IV. Ways To Save On Your Move

Properly doing your homework can help you get more familiar with the moving industry, avoid scams, and negotiate a fair rate for your property to be moved.

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