Cross Country Movers – Sweeping Through The Sequence Of Moving

With over 3 millions moves occurring every month, the US society can be considered very mobile, always seeking the best opportunities in career choices and superior standard of living. It is without a doubt one of the most intrusive events in anyone’s life is a relocation.

Having to uproot to move cross country in the US or even international can be a very daunting experience. Having to trust a long distance moving company to take one’s belongings across state lines and deliver them on time and in one piece is not something  anyone looks forward to face.

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Cross Country Movers Saving Tips:

Once you have made the decision to relocate, however, how do you go about selecting a state to state mover to take your memories, your furniture, and everything else you own to your new home without a glitch? Where can you begin? Here’s a few moving tips you should always follow to avoid moving scams and being overcharged.

Moving companies offer several great reasons to hire them – with different levels of moving service. From companies who will show up and move you and your belongings to moving companies who will pack, clean and move your belongings from place to place.

There are also more and more ‘complete’ package companies springing up, designed especially for professionals – allowing them to move to their jobs, without the hassle of it all. These relocation companies do it all – from finding a suitable house within your price range and requirements, to packing you and moving you in. Some even unpack at the other end for you.

Identify A Few Cross Country Movers
These are movers that can conduct commerce across state lines and are regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration – a division of the US Department of Transportation. A coast to coast move is a job that should be planned months in advance. A cross country long distance mover can be identified after you’ve done some basic foot work on your own.

Network in your own neighborhood to see what long distance mover is servicing your area. For the most part, if a cross country mover is servicing customers already, the chances are that you would be able to add this mover to your list of initial potential movers to review during your due diligence phase.

Talk to previous customers about their experiences. Did the national moving company staff conduct themselves  professionally?  Did they sound like they knew what they were talking about? Did they charge a fair market price for the service performed?

Another resource is to Google various long distance movers and search for any customer feedback. You would be pleasantly surprised as to what you can discover based on the experience of other folks.
Understand Your Cross Country Move.

  • Use Yahoo maps to ascertain the miles between both zip codes you’re moving from and moving to.
  • Approximate the amount of time needed to drive this distance based  on a 65 mph.
  • By law, your final out of state moving charges will be based on the actual weight of your belonging based on a  state certified scale. Your out of state mover should give you final papers as to how heavy your shipment was.

Request Long Distance Moving Quotes.
Request the nationwide moving company to give you your best friend in the market – cross country moving quotes about the services contract. Always remember to read everything including the fine print, before you sign any document. The contract should contain all details including delivery time, address, contact numbers, items that have to be moved, charges and cost, moving insurance coverage and the total moving expense.

Request An On-Site Out Of State Moving Review.
Any reputable state to state moving company would want to make an appointment with you to review the total items to be moved. The initial cross country moving estimates are based on what you tell them what is going to be moved, how far, and when your move should be completed. At this phase, you should have 3-5 national movers come over to your place to eyesight the property that is going to be relocated, you should de-clutter before they arrive, too.

Remember that these on-site moving reviews should bare no costs to you at all and nationwide moving companies also use it to be more certain that the long distance moving quotes is as accurate as possible. These cross country movers should also provide you with a complete overview of their insurance – review it carefully so you’re sure of what they cover and what you’re liable for, should the worst happen.

Keep in mind that cross country movers do have their peak seasons during the summer months and toward the end of the each month. If you could, try to move outside of these peak times to save you money since these cross country movers do charge a premium during their busy times.

Budget Your Interstate Move.
Check on hidden costs. Although, not specifically mentioned in the contract, ask your American out of state  moving company specifics on extra charges, for example, moving furniture up stairs, assembled furniture, expected tipping, credit card processing fees, a long patch between the truck and the house, piano moving, and moving storage fees – just to name a few. These minor things will affect your moving cost to the cross country mover.

In addition, you should consider any expenses for traveling,  car rentals, temporarily housing, phone charges, etc prior to moving to your new place.  Spend some time, itemizing these moving expenses so that you can have a better overall idea as to how much your cross country move will cost.

Once again, spend time on the phone or on the internet asking for cross country movers quotes, and make sure you get a minimum of three to five long distance moving estimates before you make your decision. Interstate moves can be done successfully if you choose to do some foot work to avoid any surprises and avoid being overcharged  for your out of state move.

Don’t Chance It With Your Move. Request Up To 7 FREE Moving Quotes From Our Pre-Qualified List Of Licensed Cross Country Movers. Compare Services And Save Up To 35%

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