Moving and Packing Pointers

Most people pack up and move very infrequently, so they never really become skilled at organizing and packing. Here are few simple things that you can do to make your move easier.

Start Packing

A typical moving mistake most people make is that they don’t start packing early enough. The logic used to defer packing is, “ I need to use all my things so I can’t start packing yet.” The reality is that most people only use a tiny fraction of their possessions. Start packing the vast “rarely used” majority. An example would be to organize your sweaters, winter-wear, and holiday decorations first if you are moving in the Summer. Save yourself the time consuming task of searching for cheap moving boxes by shopping on-line. MovingDayBoxes.com delivers to most addresses in the country in one to two business days, and offers free shipping on all orders of moving supplies, inlcuding wardrobe boxes. Shopping for your moving boxes and supplies on the web will save you significant time and energy.

Little Things Pop Up
However much time you think you’ll need double that estimate. There are hundreds of little things that pop up that you won’t anticipate. If you are short on time, little things popping up will be frustrating and quickly put you behind schedule and stress you out. Moving is stressful, adding to the stress by not allocating enough time will make the experience very unpleasant.

Be Weary of Movers That Quote Suspiciously Low
There are a lot of dishonest people in the moving business, if a quote on a move is very low compared to several others that is a red flag, not a deal. Check the business out on the Better Business Bureau website to ensure this is a reputable company, and only work with moving companies that are part of the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA), and check them out at

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