Learn The Rules Of Customs In Spain

move to spainWhen traveling to, or moving to Spain, you will need some basic information. There are fifty territories within the nation. Among the largest metropolitan districts are Madrid, Valencia, Malaga and Bilbao. For those who take the time to research the background of the region it becomes clear that there is a rich history.

Passports and Customs Spain

The credentials you will require for entering Spain will depend on your circumstances. You’ll need to show a valid passport to enter the nation. If you are from a non European Union nation you may be asked for a visa.

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Move to Spain: The Rules Of Customs In Spain:

Residents of member countries of the European Economic Community will need to show national identification documents. There are a few countries where residents must still display a visa together with these documents. If you’re not certain what you require, contact the Spanish consulate in your home nation who will assist you.

If you plan to return to Spain on a regular basis you aught to learn the rules of customs in Spain. This will save you hours and irritation upon arrival. Remember when bringing in personal items, like jewelry, cameras, video equipment and similar items there are no charges. Do have a receipt for these items to present at customs to justify your possession of them.

However, there are customs charges and restrictions on some items brought into Spain. Items such as tobacco, some cosmetics and alcohol for example have both monetary value and limits upon entry. Should you have more than is allowed you will be asked to remit customs taxes. There is however no limited to the amount of cash or money you can bring into this nation.

Pets may be brought into Spain if you have the correct paper work for them. You must satisfy customs officials that you can show certification of origin and a complete health certificate belonging to your pet. In addition your pet requires certificates for all necessary vaccines, specifically rabies. These credentials must be signed by your veterinarian in the country of origin.

Living and Culture in Spain

There are provincial differences in how food is handled. Food symbolize the geographic and cultural past of a people. The strong and lengthily manipulation of the Moors is seen in many of the spices used in Spanish coking. The civilizing peasant history may be experienced in the scrumptious stews and soups, as well as in freshly raised vegetables.

To get the most delectable and reasonably priced food, eat as the locals eat, and stay away from the larger, well-visited vacation style restaurants. Spanish culture is found “off the beaten track,” says information on Spain.

The legal tender in Spain is the Euro. You are going to be required to replace your currency upon arrival. This may be better done before you leave home as information on Spain says stores will only accept Euro. In the event you forget to exchange it banks, airports and some hotels will exchange foreign money. Most hotels, restaurants and many stores will accept major international credit cards and some traveler’s checks.

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