Moving Tips: 5 Tips For Savings On Your Move

Moving doesn’t have to be a huge drain on your finances. Like everything else, you can save money when dealing with moving companies if you know how to negotiate and where to cut expenses.

Moving Tip #1: Get Moving QuotesSavings Tips For Moving
First, you’ll need to get some moving estimates. You can do this through an Internet broker if you like, and save yourself some time. A broker takes your information and distributes it to the moving companies in his or her database.

These moving companies then decide if your move is a contract they would like to compete for and call you or email you a quote. You can specify your method of contact, too, so if you prefer to avoid actually speaking with a moving company before looking through all your quotes, you can request contact through email only.

Using a broker allows you to get moving quotes from many moving companies, compare them without interference and decide which ones look promising. You’ll also avoid any pressure from sales persons!

Moving Tip #2: Locate A Moving Company
Second, find out if a moving company will give you a discount if you have a flexible schedule. This allows moving companies to coordinate their loads and combine them to save money on fuel, labor and tolls. A moving company loses a lot of profit and thus is forced to charge more if you absolutely have to have your household moved in a certain time frame that does not allow them to combine other loads headed in the same direction at the same time.

Moving Tip #3: Sharing The Load With Other Moves
A third way to save money also deals with maximizing the moving company’s profits. If you don’t absolutely have to have your household goods the moment you arrive at your new residence, ask if the moving company will give you a discount for allowing them to store your load until they can maximize usage of their van. If your household goods can be combined with enough loads going to the same area in order to fill the moving van, the moving company will realize a better profit and will most likely be happy to give you a discount.

Moving Tip #4: Move Off- Peak Periods
Can you put off your move till October through April? You wouldn’t think that the moving business would be seasonal but it is. Most moving companies are very busy May through September and are looking for work in the fall through the winter. You can save additional money if you don’t have a firm pick-up or drop-off date.

Moving Tip #5: Do Your Own Packing
Most moving companies offer packing services along with transportation. It might be tempting to let them do this for you but you’ll save several hundred dollars by doing most of it yourself.

Books, tapes, cds, knickknacks, toys and household items are all fairly easy to box up securely. You might have to invest some time but a packing party with your friends can cut those hours substantially and provide a lot of fun. If, however, you have fine china or other valuable delicate possessions, it would probably be best to let the movers pack those up while you take care of the rest.

In Conclusion
Be sure to read as many moving company reviews as possible before your move to find out other moving tips, good suggestions, plus additional tips for moving & saving on your move!

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