Moving Containers | Advantages And Disadvantages

moving containersMoving containers companies make moving a lot less stressful and hassle-free. Moving containers or moving cubes as they sometimes are referred to give you a chance to pack your moving container at your leisure and comfort.

They have no deadlines and no time force. You only move when you feel you are ready. These types of moving containers mean a portable on demand storage solution for relocations. It is usually delivered to your home by the provider company.

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You will be brought a container in which you can load all your possessions. There is no hurry, no tension of hiring a truck.  These types of enclosed  moving  makes moving a lot easier and convenient. These companies have a widespread network that covers 48 states in the US, Canada, Australia and many more. They are best suited for both local as well as long distance moves.

Once you move, you can enjoy unloading your moving containers at your new home. This gives you time to enjoy your new home, too since there will be no issue of unloading from a truck which is to be done the same day that you move.  Moving cubes also removes the difficulty of unloading your belongings all at once or in the same room or the garage.

You can unload each moving container at the special spot using a moving container which can be used prior to you move giving you time to load your stuff thus emptying the house and giving it more space if you intend to sale it. Companies that specialize in moving containers offer their services doors to doors.


1. A container moving company personnel picks up, drops and transports the containers leaving the stress behind in hiring or driving a truck yourself. It is easier for you to unload your stuff from one of these moving  cubes.  There are many sizes available and they can be kept for as long as you need to. The great thing about them is that they provide a temporary storage while you are shifting your belongings in the house ready for that moving date.

2. Although moving container companies are available in three countries that is, the USA, Australia and Canada which make coast to coast moving easier, however, there is still a shortage of moving containers in the market. If you move locally, a moving cube can be ideal for the right price. They are affordable and completely fit in your budget.  However, moving cross country is a different story. You should compare all the moving containers providers, their prices, their services, and the type of container sizes they offer and select the best option available that best suits your needs.

3. Usually container moving rates vary depending on the type and size of the cube.

4. You can also avail discounts on moving containers across the Internet whereby you could find coupons to help you defray the cost of your move.

5. One of the biggest concerns for moving cubes type of companies is the security of their belongings. While there is a high risk of your possessions being damaged in a truck or when it is towed, with a moving container the transportation is much easier to handle. It involves less risk since you pack all your items in containers of your liking and size and you know where they will be. All of your possessions are all in one tight area.

Moving containers are specially designed for a convenient and affordable self serving move. It avoids any driving and renting. It also provides a 24/7 availability to pack, repack and check that you have packed everything you need. It is among one of the best economical ways to move.


1.  Using a moving cube of any large size to move across is somewhat impractical.  Being that the company involvement is limited to the packing and unpacking of your belongings, when it comes to a move let’s say across to the other side of the country, a single container is hardly cost effective. Usually, a provider will prefer to ship your possessions along with others that go in the same direction sharing expenses and drive time.

2. As competitive as the moving rates are, a DIY move might not prove to be as inexpensive as to not hiring a full fledge company to help you with your move.  It ‘s wise to at least double check with a moving serving company to evaluate that choice. Nowadays, a full service moving provider could provide you with an estimate without any costs or obligation.

3.  With a DIY move, you are expected to do all the labor yourself. Packing and unpacking is totally up to you. The moving container company’s responsibility is to move the cube from Point A to Point B. Depending on how good of a physical shape you are and how many friends/relatives you can indulge to help you, you could be in for a few trips to the chiropractor’s  or to the massage therapist’s office after your move.

4. Depending where you are moving from, a moving container might not be suitable for you. You would need to allocate some space near by your door for loading and unloading. This is fine if you are moving from a house, but what about if you are moving from an apartment complex with limited parking space to house the moving container while you move everything out of your home.

5. Lack of Insurance. Since you were the one that pack your belongings, any container carrier would shy away from any breakage that occur while in transit. For the most part you would need to ensure that all your possessions are properly stowed away, and secure. At the end of the move, it is up to you to replace any items that broke during the transportation of your moving cube.

Conclusion: There you have it. Making that decision to move using a moving container requires that you do a bit of planning before, during, and after your move. Whichever way you decide to go, make sure that you have the frame of work in mind.  Your move begins weeks before the actual move date, and it lasts a few days after the last box has been moved into your new location.

  Get Up To 7 Free No-Obligation Moving Quotes

From Affordable Moving Companies In Your Area, Compare Rates With DIY Moves Before You Decide.  Your Savings Could Be Worthwhile.

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