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starving students moversStarving students makes moving simple as it is already so stress full. Starving students makes sure that the experience with your moving is made smooth and worry-free. They offer full packing and unpacking facilities. It has flexible services to suit your needs.

They offer you so many facilities. Some of which are

  • It welcomes moves on short notices
  • It is open all days providing a better access to its customers
  • Professional instruction programs
  • It holds live moving quotes

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Starving Students Movers Saving Tips:

Since more than 30 years, starving students has moved more than 95,000 families. Starving students movers work under 35 branches and operates in 9 states. They have a fleet of over 300 trucks and even more. It is also the largest van line moving company in California and Nevada. Starving students moving company provides moving services to around 1,000 families each week with local, long distance or office/home moving services.

Some tips on choosing Starving Students as a primary choice:

First, make sure that the company you are picking is licensed and is insured. Ask if the movers work full time or are day laborers. Their criteria of charging whether by hour or by weight.

The privacy policy of the moving company ensures that your information like address and phone numbers will be kept confidential- this is the case with Starving Students. It shares this information only with selected business partners and organizations that are involved in your move. It also states to be the country’s primary contributor in supplying the customers with low rate moving services with a nationwide network of trained and skilled and highly rewarded employees to achieve the goals it has set for itself.

Starving Students do not only provide local or short moves, but also relocate to long distances. It is also a one stop-shop for all commercial moves. They can be contacted at their helpline or you can also email them online and they will contact you back.

Some of the packing tips provided by Starving Students are:

  • Delicate boxes should be marked or labeled to prevent from any damage and so that they should be taken extra care.
  • Set aside a personal bag containing all your essentials
  • Do not use already used boxes to pack your stuff since they may not be as sturdy to hold them.
  • Use bubble wraps and packing paper to lessen the damage of delicate items while packing.
  • Heavier items should be packed in smaller boxes while light items should be packed in bigger boxes.
  • Dishes should be packed at the edges instead in the middle to avoid breakage.

Before and after the move tips and checklists
Check the number of the US Department of Transportation on the starving students truck that shows up at your home to take your packed boxes. When you arrive at your new home, show the starving student movers, where you wish to place your boxes and stuff.

The checklist includes your new house keys, the house directions, cash and credit cards, important documents, address and phone books, personal items etc.

Starving students has relocated more than 42,000 families and provides affordable tips and deals as per your satisfaction. Starving Student moving has quickly risen to be a major player in the relocation industry.

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