Moving Checklist Tips For Office And Home

moving checklistEveryone wants to make their move as flawless as possible without any hick ups or tensions. A moving checklist comes handy and makes your move a more organized venture.

Organization is the solution for a swift move. A month prior to your move, you should be well aware of the items you need to move, moving checklists have helped many consumers find some kind of order to the chaos that moving could become.

If you wish to marshal all your old belongings, you have the option of either donating them or selling them, even writing down on your moving checklist what to donate and what to keep could make the task much easier. Pick a date at least 2 weeks before your move to organize a garage sale.

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Moving Checklist Tips:

This local garage sale could be even advertised by putting up posters or even calling up your colleagues and telling them that you are organizing a sale. Make sure that you include on your moving checklists what is being sold and for how much.

You can make a floor plan for your new home and begin the planning, thinking of the places you would want to put your furniture once it arrives. Adding this kind of details on your moving checklist in advance alleviates the stress of major decision making and gives you an idea of where you are going to place your furniture even before it arrives.

Here’s a series of steps any office move checklist or even a home moving checklist should include:

40 – 30 days before your move:
Consider drafting a moving checklist with all the necessary To-Do’s, Must-Dos, and Never-To-Forget-To- Dos items to successfully move to your new residence or office. Don’t make the mistake of expecting to come up with all the necessary items in one sitting. Be prepared to recall items when you least expect that should make your moving checklists.

Start collecting boxes and other packing provisions. You can order cheap moving boxes that can be delivered to your footstep. Write down the items on your moving checklists that should be packed up way before any movers show up at your doorsteps. Pack the items that are not of your daily usage and which you won’t be needing in the coming days.

Imagine the benefit of drafting your moving checklists with the items that fall within this category – you could even pass it along to a family member and get them engaged. You would find that when moving becomes a team effort, you can leverage the efforts of others, working in alignment as a whole.

A good moving tips checklist is to have a different home moving checklist and office moving checklist to keep things straight. This would make things easier and you would have separate moving checklists for your home belongings and office documents. This would further prevent any collapses or misplacing and you will be sorted till your moving.

15 – 20 days before your move
If you make any changes in your moving, inform your agent about it. Decide on how much packing you will be able to handle yourself. You can call van lines agents and discuss with them the total amount of items you wish to ship.

All important documents and file should be added to your home moving checklist by now. These should be safely placed in boxes. You should also clear all your pending bills and library accounts or debts before moving.

As you progress through your move, there should be milestones to be accomplished. Your moving checklists should give you as to what to do next, and hit all those “Never-to-be-forgotten” tasks like:

Registering a change of your address with the Postal service and have all your mail rerouted after your moving date.

If you have pets, make separate travel arrangements for them, too.

7-10 days before your move:
This is the time that you should begin packing the less used items, placing them in boxes and marking labels on them so that everything is sorted. You should also return all the borrowed items. Clean all the cupboards and pack what you don’t need.

1 week before your move:
Confirm the dates and arrangement with your moving agents and relocation companies. Hotel reservations must be confirmed and rechecked. Your refrigerator should be emptied, defrosted and cleaned properly. Refer to your moving checklists for any other thing that needs to be taken care of during this time period.

While you have moved in your new home, make sure all your stuff on the moving checklist, has also moved along with you. Drafting a moving checklist of items the movers have in their care can make it less of an issue if you need to file a claim against a possible breakage.

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