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Moving scams are so prevalent in the moving industry, however, with a little bit of knowledge you could steer away of any possibility of moving scams. You could find several incidents when the movers will get the materials loaded and locked and ask for a higher price that is more than double from the original quote to the consumer. moving scams Earlier the movers decided to charge on weight and when the goods were in the custody of the moving company, they changed to charge per cubic feet basis. This is one example of several moving scams.

You should be very careful to select the moving company so that you do not get trapped in such moving scams. Demanding exorbitant charges by holding your belongings hostages can not be appreciated and customers should make complaints about these operators of moving scams. You have been put to face the moving scam. These so called online moving companies are not at all genuine moving companies but brokers who give the work to some small moving company against huge commissions and generate cases of moving scams. Only a handful of moving companies practice this type of moving fraud.

You should, hence take some precautions to avoid these kinds of moving scams so that you do not have to pay excessive costs. Basically, there are 5 important tips that you should consider while taking the services of a moving company.

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Moving Scams Prevention:

Get written moving quotes:
You should see that the moving company visits your house positively and determine the volume of belongings which are to be transported. On the basis of the inspection they should provide the accurate quote for the moving job so that there is no scope of enhancing the amount and you do not have to suffer the agony of any moving scams.

Visit the movers:
Before deciding finally on the choice of the moving company or the deal on moving rate, you must make a visit to the office of the movers to understand the quality of the operator. This visit will give you strong signals about the genuineness of the moving company and you can be sure to avoid moving company scams in this case.

No upfront payment:
You should never give any advance payment to a moving company before the moving day. Genuine moving companies show up on the schedule day regularly and take the payments on delivery day. Your proof of good intent is the fact you have given all your belongings to the moving company. If you deviate from this practice, you are sure to fall victim to moving company scams, unfortunately.

References are necessary:
You must seek references from various resources about the background of the moving company or from other consumer agencies like the Better Business Bureau or the American Moving and Storage Association about the credibility of the moving company so that you do not become the center of another moving scams.

Research is necessary:
You should do some inquiries on your own level about the moving company that you are going to select for the job. Let it be known that not all moving companies are engaged in moving scams but only a very small percentage of them are responsible to make negative impressions about moving companies.

Most of the moving companies are doing excellent job to the satisfaction of customers without ever been engaged in any kind of moving company scams.


Get Up To 7 Free No-Obligation Moving Quotes From Reputable Moving Companies. Avoid Scams And Save Up to 35% On Your Move

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