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moving costs deductionsMoving from one place to another is a hectic experience. There is a great deal of moving costs that incur with this operation. Since, you may be moving out to a different place in the connection of your job, you can claim part of the moving cost as standard IRS moving expenses in your tax returns.

Moving costs are treated as adjustments to income tax returns just like any other write-off accounts under the provisions of income tax rules. There are certain conditions of availing the benefit, which are pretty common.

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Moving Costs Deductions:

The cost of moving is deductible under the distance test only when your new assignment is at least 50 miles farther away from the place where you commute daily. This means a minimum distance of 50 miles from your original home and not from present office. The benefit in claiming moving expense deduction on moving costs has to comply with the provisions of the IRA rules to be explained by your tax consultant.

For instance, If you used to commute 20 miles for your previous job from your old home, it has to be 70 miles from your old home to this new location in the same direction to avail the benefit on IRS moving expense.

You have to get qualified by passing tests to get your moving costs sanctioned for IRS moving expense deductions. You obtain the privilege to write off the costs of do it yourself moving and your entire family with the transportation costs to the new destination. You will also get the moving costs as the mileage allowance when you drive down to the new location by self driving. For the first half of 2008, it was 19 cents per mile and for the later half it was 27 cents per mile. This has been raised up due to the high price of gasoline.

This is easily shown as an example that for every $1,000 of moving costs, you are sure to save $100 in taxes in the minimum bracket. Irrespective of giving the list, you are able to get the IRS moving expense deduction for your moving costs. When you are ready to mention the moving costs item wise, you mention them in your list of allowable moving costs to write off. The costs of moving are mentioned in Form 3903 for these deductions along with your tax return documents.

There is the provision of time test for moving costs to be qualified for standard IRS moving expense deductions. This is a simple subject. When you have been present at your present job for 39 weeks of the first 52 weeks as permanent employee, you are eligible for the IRS moving costs deductions. When you own a business, you must pass at least 78 weeks of the first 2 years at the current location.

Further, you are able to deduct the moving costs on packing, crating and moving your belongings of other members of your family, moving costs for shipping the vehicle or household pets are included. The costs of moving for storage and insurance of the belongings for a period of 30 days are allowed as standard IRS moving costs for deduction.

You must retain the receipts of all your moving costs that were incurred by you in the course of moving from the moving company so that you acquire standard IRS moving expenses deduction.

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