Packing Tips Right For Your Truck Rental Move

truck rental Though you might not think it makes a big difference how you pack your belongings for a do-it-yourself or truck rental move, in actuality, it does. A poorly packed move can mean delays with broken boxes and even damaged items. So how can you ensure that your do-it-yourself move goes as smoothly as possible when it comes to packing?

Read our tips below that can assist you with this part of the do-it-yourself move.

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Packing Tips:

Buy the right boxes
If there’s one thing you should not skimp on when planning any type of move, whether it’s a full-service move or a do-it-yourself move, is the quality of boxes that you use. Moving boxes should be high quality; thick, corrugated cardboard, able to withstand normal weight. And make sure you buy a selection of sizes – small, medium and large. Purchase different types of boxes as well, such as wardrobe boxes and dish pack boxes for your dishes and glasses.

If moving a plasma or LCD television, be sure to buy a specially designed box: it might cost up to $100, but it’s cheaper than having to buy a new television. If you really want to protect your television, purchase a wooden crate for the ultimate in protection, though prices can be a bit high.  Whatever you do, don’t pack your belongings in garbage bags, as they have a tendency to tear while loading and unloading.

Buy other moving supplies
Moving supplies also include such items as moving pads, moving blankets, packing tape and bubble-wrap paper. If planning a do-it-yourself or truck rental move, you’ll also need to rent dollies and possibly a flatbed.

Pack right
The main rule of thumb is, don’t over pack your boxes. Pack the boxes up to a few inches to the top, and then seal the flaps with packing tape so that nothing can fall out that during transport. The other rule of thumb is, don’t pack up your boxes so heavy that you can’t load them into the truck. For instance, if you own a lot of books, pack them in small boxes so that the boxes won’t break. And make sure to pack fragile items in the right type of box. Pack your fine china in the corrugated dish pack boxes, along with your everyday dishes and any other fragile items.

Find out what the added costs for your truck rental are before signing any contract.

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