Moving To California Is Affordable | Compare 7 Other Rates

moving to californiaWhen it comes to moving to California, there are undoubtedly many moving companies to chose from as well as a surplus of rates to chose from. Especially if you are moving to California with no money and high hopes, you want to get the best possible rate without sacrificing the safety of your valuables.

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Moving To California Tips:

1. Flat Rate Pricing –
One of your options when moving to California, or moving from California, for that matter, is to seek flat rate moving companies. In this case, you will be able to get a rate based on how much stuff you have, and the distance you will be moving. You will not be charged on the hour. One example of this is FlatRate Movers. You will generally know exactly what you are going to pay just by getting a moving estimate.

2. Guaranteed Pricing –
The rate you will get on your quote can either be guaranteed or not. This is something you have to look for in flat rate companies. Oasis Moving is probably another company you may have heard about if you are going to move to California. This company has an hourly rate of 75 dollars an hour. This is a fairly good competitive price, especially if you are looking into making a big move.

3. Size Of Moving Personnel –
Priority Moving is a San Diego based moving company and their rates are a bit different in that they charge more per hour depending on how many people are hired for the job. They charge a little bit more than Oasis, however, they promise free moving boxes and cargo bins.

4. Moving Incentives –
Discount Movers are another company you might research as you move to California. True to their name, the Discount Movers offer a very low hourly price of 79 dollars an hour on a weekday. While you get 150 dollars worth of free boxes with Priority Movers, you only get 75 dollars of boxes for free with Discount Movers. Incentives like free packing and other services might help affect your decision when choosing a California mover.

5. Moving Storage –
Cowboy Movers is a great company for moving to Southern California, however, they also do long distance moves. Unlike bigger companies, Cowboy movers does not do storage or many other services, but they are great and well priced if you have a simple move to northern California.

6. Low Ball Estimates –
The Wizard of Oz moving company is a long distance moving company with a very good reputation. They were featured on CNN, and they base their costs on many factors, such as amount of items and length of move. They stick to their estimates, as well, and do not create scams by estimating low prices and charging high ones after the move.

7. Reputation In The Marketplace –
Reputation is just as important as rates when it comes to moving to California. A company called All USA Moving And Storage has had dozens of unaddressed complaints, though their rates were reportedly very low.

When it is time for you to move to California, consider everything, and compare the rates of every company you are interested in, as well as any other details that are important to your move. You want to know how much you will pay and what you are paying for.

Get Up To 7 Free No-Obligation Moving Quotes From Several California Movers. Compare Rates And Save Up To 35%

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