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rochester moversOne of the first things that you should have in place long before making that Rochester move is to secure a moving quotes. Moving quotes are what you would need to know in advance so that you can better financially plan on getting to your new location.

There are many ways in which you can get moving quotes and while it is easy to secure these moving estimates you could encounter a few problems when it comes to accuracy. Without an accurate quote you would find yourself paying much more than you bargain to Rochester movers on moving day.

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Rochester Movers Quotes Tips:

1. Moving Quotes:
If you want to save yourself the trouble then you should get quotes and estimates from a reputable Rochester moving company. And even when you find a reputable moving company which can provide you with quotes; remember to always read the fine print carefully. It would also be helpful if you were to identify the moving services that you would need from the movers so that you would not be overcharged for services that are not necessary.

2. Moving Quotes Types:
Another important factor is to know about the types of quotes that are out there so that you would be better equipped to discuss with the Rochester moving company representative when you get there. They would more than likely mention a binding quote which is one of the popular quotes with Rochester movers.

  • a) A binding quote simply means that once the contract is signed between the moving company and the customer, the Rochester mover is legally bind to following through on all the customers’ requests without trying to amend the contract at the last minute. In order to get a binding quote, your Rochester moving company may have to send someone to evaluate the items that you wish to move.
  • b) Non-binding quotes on the other hand offer a lot of flexibility in that the moving company can change the quote when you least expect it. With this type of quote it is very easy for the moving company to raise an estimate after it was quoted at a low rate. Similarly be aware of the agent quotes which are also not legally binding. Should an agent give you a low quote working on behalf of a moving company, the moving company can then turn around and give you an even higher quote when moving day comes and there wouldn’t be much that you can say about that.

You can however get the agent’s quote in writing so that you can later dispute your case with them should you be charged a higher cost. And speaking about disputes do not hesitate to ask your Rochester mover about the ways in which they handle disputes should you decide to hire them and something goes wrong on moving day. If a dispute policy is in place then ask them to provide you with a copy of it. A moving company without a dispute policy should not even be considered on your list of potential Rochester movers.

Summary: Having an idea as to how much a move to Rochester will cost in not only necessary, it is also a bargaining chip for you, the consumer because understanding the real value of your Rochester move in the market prior to you hiring a good potential Rochester mover can help you negotiate a better relocation package, can save you money, and most importantly, it can allow you to enjoy a stress-free move when you know your entire life’s possessions are in the hands of capable movers.

Get Up To 7 Free No-Obligation Moving Quotes From Licensed Rochester Movers. Compare Rates And Save Up To 35%

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