Compare Moving Companies: 5 Essential Questions To Compare Movers

compare moving companiesMoving is a many faceted procedure requiring your best attention to organize it efficiently. You can do it successfully only when you find out genuine movers and learn how to compare moving companies.

You will find the process confidence building in the situation to get you more and more comfortable with the idea of hiring a particular moving company.

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Compare Moving Companies Tips:

Here are five basic questions that you should try to get answers so that you can compare moving companies effectively to select the best moving company for the occasion.

1. Professional Experience:
You should inquire about the experience of the moving service provider. When you compare moving companies and find that they have very little experience in the moving space, you must look into the background and ask for references which you should check before making a decision. The responses to these inquiries, can make it easier to compare moving companies and in return to provide sufficient references are vital for you.

You can contact the Better Business Bureau or the American Moving & Storage Association to get their profile. You should be sanguine about the moving companys credibility to handle the operation. Check the licenses and insurance options of the moving companies so that you become sure of their genuineness. All these verifications are required to guarantee that your goods are in safe hands.

2. Moving Estimates:
Keep in mind your moving budget while discussing with the moving companies. You should be able to select one with reasonable moving rates. You must have an idea as to how the moving companies charge their rates. Furthermore, there are three systems of charging, which are:

  • binding
  • non- binding
  • binding within estimates

The binding rate remains fixed irrespective to any change in the weight. The non-binding can change according to weight variation whereas the binding within estimates can not change but you can pay lesser on reduced weights. Ask the moving company representative to visit your place and give you a moving estimates in writing after he examines what’s moving.

Local moving cost is generally calculated over man-hours, the long-distance moving is normally calculated by weight and the international transshipment is based on the volume of the consignment. You can discuss with moving companies more efficiently when you know all the details.

3. Protection:
This is an important question you should put to moving providers. You are transporting the rugs, expensive furniture with the LCD TV and moving companies are obliged to give details of the protection techniques to safeguard your belongings. They should ask for special packing for the costly gadgets. Protection of loaders is also vital because if anyone gets injured inside your premises during loading, you could face liability.

4. Protection During Your Move:
You must know the condition of protection from damage of your goods during moving. If there is any unloading and loading of the goods on the road, you should be notified about the exact place and timing. Details of insurance cover taken by moving companies should be known and you should have adequate insurance cover during moving.

5. Arrival:
This is the hot question that everyone should ask the moving companies. For local distances it should take one week or less but for long distance moving, it may take several weeks. You should take advantage of the delivery window of the moving companies to stay in alignment with their target dates. You must collect some knowledge beforehand so that your interaction with the service providers becomes beneficial to you.

Compare Moving Companies Effectively By Requesting 7 FREE Pre-Screened Moving Providers. Check Rates And Save Up To 35%

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