Moving To New York – 5 Tips To Save Money And Move Hassle-Free

moving to new yorkIt’s scary enough to think about moving to New York state without the added worries of what can go wrong with the move. There is big time money for moving companies that aren’t above fraud.

You can find stories all over the Internet about folks who lost all their belongings just getting there courtesy of Joe Schmoe Van Lines.

There are unscrupulous landlords, too. If you haven’t done your homework and protected yourself, you have no one to blame but yourself if you experience mishaps as you pick to move to new York state.

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Moving To New York Tips:

1. Broker or Landlord?:
Face it, if you’re renting, the better apartments come from a broker. You can find something small and sleazy for $850 in Brooklyn, direct from the landlord. For less than a hundred bucks more, you might find something that’s not just more spacious but also simply nicer but you have to pay about a grand to a broker. If you’re moving to New York, it might be worth it to cough up that fee. The brokers handle the apartments that are cleaner and better turned out.

Direct from the landlord means you’re renting something that the owner didn’t have the money to fix up. Even if the apartment is suitable, you can expect poor maintenance service. Save up your money for first, last, security deposit, a broker’s fee-and also for moving estimates. That’s five times whatever you want to pay toward rent that you need if you’re planning on moving to New York.

2. Manhattan or Manhattan?:
Stop that! You’ve got to have a more open attitude toward New York’s other great neighborhoods. There are many wonderful finds whether you’re buying or renting in places like Brooklyn and Queens. Check out Prospect Heights, Fort Greene, and Carrol Gardens in Brooklyn. People are saying good things about Astoria.

The jury is still out on the Bronx, but some believe it’s up-and-coming. Stay away from Jamaica and Staten Island. The Lower East Side is bad, but some of the Upper East Side is okay if you’re careful. And Upper-Upper Manhattan is somewhat less expensive but still close to the pulse of this fantastic city that never sleeps.

3. Now It’s Time To Choose Your Mover:
Avoid dealing with any New York rogue movers! How can you spot them? First, a representative of the moving company will tell you he can give you an oral estimate. Naturally, you’re eager for an estimate-and he tells you that he’s SO experienced, he can just tot one up for you right away, no waiting, and so on.

Refuse it and run! A mover can only offer a comprehensive written moving estimates after he visits your home and looks over your belongings. It should include all possible charges, signed by the mover; an order for service, which details when your move begins and ends plus exactly what the mover will and will not do; a contract or bill of lading that serves as a receipt, which the mover gives you before he takes off with all your worldly possessions; and a list of everything being moved plus its condition, which you both agree on before the actual move.

4. Get Estimates From Three Different Movers:
One of the best moving to New York advice is to get several relocation estimates. Check the Better Business Bureau in both your home town and in New York for complaints against this carrier. Ask the company rep if you are dealing with a motor carrier or a broker. A broker arranges for movers-for-hire to come and get your things, and if the worst happens he will do nothing to help you retrieve them-so, unlike a housing rental, you want to avoid brokers.

5. Your Mover Should Provide You With A Booklet About Your Rights And Responsibilities:
Ask him if he forgets. You can also visit the website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for their publication number FMCSA-ESA-03-006, but it’s a mark against your mover if he doesn’t give it to you. Licensed, insured motor carriers will participate in a dispute settlement program if you file a claim but cannot resolve it.

Get Up To 7 FREE No-Obligation Moving Quotes From Our Pre-Screened New York Movers Who Are Licensed, And Insured. Compare These New York Moving Rates And Save Up To 35%

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