Covan International – Five Tips For Comparing Rates – Save up to 35%

covan internationalThe mortgage is approved on your new home, you’re eager to clear out of your old place, and it’s coming down to the wire now: Moving day is almost here. Even if you’re tempted to plan and execute your own move, you might be wise to hire moving professionals like the ones at Covan International.

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Covan Worldwide Moving Company Tips:

We have four tips for making your move easier:

1. Contract Professional Moving Services:
Consider spending the extra money to hire professional moving companies. Many van lines carriers will give you a discount if you get competitive bids. It’s easier than ever to request relocation estimates online. You can save up to 35% with Covan International or one of the other licensed moving providers available where you live.

For a moving estimate you will need to provide the zip code you’re leaving and the city or zip code where you plan to move. You’ll also need to input the date when you want to move, the type of home you’re moving from, the number of bedrooms, and the types of rooms in your home. Remember that ultimately, your mover will charge you by some measurement of your goods-per pound or mileage traveled.

2. Hire Out Of A Pool Of Professional Moving Companies:
Ask the motor carriers you’re considering if they are licensed and insured. Ask each company for its USDOT or docket number, and visit the website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. You can enter the numbers you get on this website to rule out the relocation services that aren’t licensed. But even if you’re hiring an insured, licensed relocation company, you are wise to take your own measures of protection.

That’s important because most companies limit their liability to a maximum payout on lost or damaged goods. Before the move, videotape your belongings. Use your camera’s date stamp while you film. If possible, have your receipts or owner’s manuals alongside your larger appliances so that you can prove model numbers and dates of purchase. Talk to the agent for your homeowner’s insurance, also. Find out if your goods are insured during the move, and if not ask if you can buy a rider for this purpose.

3. Dig Into Their Work History:
Investigate the background of the companies that you’re considering. A company should tell you a lot about itself on its corporate website. For instance, Covan International, established in 1991, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Covan World-Wide Moving. It was founded in 1914 as Merchants Transfer and Storage, located in Hutchinson, Kansas, back in 1914. So while Covan International is just about twenty years old, its parent company goes back almost a century!

4. Request An Onsite Inspection:
Many moving services providers have lots of useful information posted on their website. For example, Covan International provides you an international customs guide and Covan World-Wide has a published Planning Guide. But before you sign a final contract with a van line carrier, ask the company rep to come to your home and look over your goods. It’s important for them to know if you have something like a piano or a huge book collection. They should agree to visit your home anyway so that you can sign the contract in person.

5. Positive Outlook On Your Move:
And-last but not least-don’t hire someone who isn’t friendly! It’s true that friendly doesn’t keep your goods safe, but on the other hand a positive attitude toward your stressful moving day is a good indicator of the help you’ll get if you have a problem during the move.

Get Up To 7 FREE No-Obligation Moving Quotes From Our Pre-Screened , Licensed, And Insured Movers. Compare Rates And Save Up To 35%

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