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amodio movingMoving day ranks high among the most stressful experiences we have. While death and job loss certainly score higher on stress scales, moving is way high up there simply because of the big changes that it means in the lives of everyone in your family.

You’re wise, then, to choose a moving company like Amodio Moving to make your day easier. And it’s possible to check 7 free moving estimates and save up to 35%.

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What does Amodio Moving offer? You can visit their website and fill out a form for a relocation estimates. You’ll be asked questions such as where you’re moving from, where you’re moving to, and how many rooms are in your present home. The number of staircases comes into play, and you have to consider whether you’ll need to store your belongings temporarily at your new location.

Amodio Moving Tips:

Once you’ve completed the internet estimate form, someone from Amodio moving company will contact you to arrange a visit at your home. He will also interview you to learn about any especially heavy or valuable items to be moved.

At the interview, the Amodio representative will want to estimate how many pounds the company will be moving for you. He will discuss how things will be packed, including whether you have appliances that need to be serviced or crated. This interview is the time to disclose the logistics of your new place as well, since the rep is basing an estimate on the information you provide.

Amodio’s informative website identifies items that cannot be moved by the company. Frozen or perishable goods are best not moved, or moved by a company that specializes in refrigerated items. Plants are excluded. You cannot transport your live pets on the moving van though.

Hazardous materials, such as kerosene, household batteries, fire extinguishers, and so forth cannot be moved. It’s best to give these away or safely dispose of them and acquire fresh supplies at your new location. And if you have items of high value, such as certificates of deposit, jewelry, or even irreplaceable photo albums, you should carry them with you during the move.

Reliable carriers provide other useful information as well. No moving company provider should ask you to sign a contract without providing you with a booklet that identifies your rights and responsibilities, and Amodio vanlines has one on its website. There is also a link to the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration available for your convenience. Plus, you can download a weeks-ahead planning list as well as a guide to proper packing techniques.

Take time to familiarize yourself with the terminology used by the moving services provider and learn to identify your rights. For example, there are binding and non-binding estimates. With a binding estimate, you cannot be charged more than 10% over the original estimate. Non-binding moving estimates can exceed that.

Be certain, also, to ask about various levels of moving insurance that are available for your move. You will benefit if you get estimates from several companies and compare their policies.

Amodio Moving is proud of its long corporate history. It goes back to 1919, founded in New Britain, Connecticut. Customer service is a priority, and Amodio moving and storage identifies itself as a leader in the field of moving. This is a company that has won the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for positive business ethics, and it also prizes its award from the University of Connecticut as a Family Business of the Year.

Get Up To 7 FREE No-Obligation Moving Quotes From Our Pre-Screened And Licensed Movers. Compare Their Rates And Get Yourself The Best Deal Possible Of Up to 35% On Savings

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