4 Tips To Make Your Chicago Moving and Relocation Easier

chicago movingHow exciting that you’re coming to the Windy City-a place that’s considered by many to be the central hub of the continental United States. There are Chicago moving services that will take care of your needs even if you’re coming from afar. If you’re planning on moving to Chicago, make your transition easier by learning all about this huge metropolis.

Chicago is the third-largest city in the nation, just after New York and Los Angeles. You’re looking at a place with a colorful history that resulted from its very strategic location. It was founded in 1833 as the connecting point of several vital waterways on the continent. So what’s the good word on this great place?

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Chicago Moving Tips:

1. Learn About the City:
If you’re moving to Chicago, then learn where you’re going! Sociologists and city planners collaborated about thirty years ago to define the city’s various locales. There are 77 community areas and over 200 neighborhoods, and whenever you’re in Chicago you’re in one of each at any given time. Researchers set these boundaries by hoofing it from door to door throughout the city back in the Seventies and asking various residents what they considered to be the names of their neighborhoods. You can view a PDF map of the neighborhoods at Chicago Communities

2. Public Transit:
Chicago moving planners advise you to consider going about the city via public transit. You can save money by scaling back on your family cars to one, or even none. The Chicago Sun Times reported not long ago on the real estate benefits offered by this city throughout what has been a pretty rough real estate market.

There are lower mortgage default rates among those who live near public transportation, and moving in Chicago puts you close to more than O’Hare International airport-the second busiest airport in the entire world!-but also to a multitude of train tracks, the el, and the subway. And you’ll have more money in your budget to spend on housing if you cut back on family-owned vehicles.

3. Use A Licensed Moving Company:
As you evaluate Chicago moving companies, know what questions to ask. Is the company a moving company or a broker? A licensed moving company will own its own trucks and utilize its own employees, rather than trusting your goods to casual-hire workers. For your move to Chicago you will want to pay per pound if you’re packing your own goods, because you cannot pack as efficiently as a professional.

However, if the Chicago moving professional is packing, then you might want to opt for payment per cubic foot. Get at least three relocation estimates from Chicago moving companies! Some specialize in moving from Chicago into any of the surrounding states.

4. Get Familiar With The Chicago Area:
Your Chicago moving planner is not complete without surfing through this city’s many blog spots, fact sheets, and neighborhood tutorials. Visit Chicagonow.com for a blog on just about any Chicago topic.

And try http://www.chitownliving.com/search-chicago-homes/, a great part of your Chicago moving planner with an interactive map that lets you roll your mouse over the various Chicago neighborhoods to learn their average and median housing prices, you can also learn where to get the best moving rates. The median house price in the Chicago area, by the way, is $285,200, but you can go much higher or lower than that!

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