Las Vegas Moving | 4 Facts When Moving To Las Vegas

las vegas movingIf you’ve decided that you’d like to move to Las Vegas, then you’ve probably already discovered that there are two sides to this wonderful place.

You’ve not only embraced the bright, pulsating vacation spot that never seems to sleep-you’ve also learned to love the cheery meadows in the desert where people actually work and play all year long.

Your Las Vegas moving experience will be nothing if not exciting!

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Las Vegas Moving Tips:

1. Get More Familiar With Your Las Vegas:
Get ready for your Las Vegas moving preparations by taking some time to steep yourself in the city’s rich history. It’s one of our country’s more youthful metropolitan areas, founded in 1905 but not officially established until 1911.

In 1829 a party of exploring Spaniards happened across a valley in the desert where artesian wells painted the alluvial soil with lush floral greens, and it was named for a word that befit it: Las Vegas means “the meadows.” In the early 1900s it became a popular stopover for those not just moving to Las Vegas but to places farther west. Eventually, it became popular in its own right.

2. Take A Look At Las Vegas Neighborhoods:
In anticipation of your Las Vegas moving experience, explore its neighborhoods at www.lasvegasneighborhoods.com. Housing prices took a severe hit in the past couple years, but they’ve stabilized with a median home price of $135,000. If you’re looking for quiet affluence and homes of higher value, go to The Northwest, Summerlin, Henderson West, or Green Valley for places dotted with children’s playgrounds and adults’ golf courses.

Most of these areas are slightly cooler than the downtown strip area, perched on more elevated grounds. Be wary of moving to Lake Las Vegas, a beautiful resort area far from the madding crowd, but plagued by problems with the lake’s infrastructure causing many closings. In North Las Vegas-actually its own municipality, and the fastest-growing location in the United States-you’ll find the best prices on family homes. Las Vegas moving guidelines are also available in links for home buyers and sellers.

3. Available Schools:
You should always check an area’s school district, even if you don’t have kids-because the solidity of the school district supports the value of the homes. As part of your Las Vegas moving primer, visit Clark County School District’s website at ccsd.net for information on the programs available for the estimated 300,000 students in the metropolitan area.

If you’re moving in Las Vegas from one community to another, you’ll already be familiar with the various schools. Those who will be moving to Las Vegas, Nevada, from other areas will be interested to know about the award-winning junior ROTC program and the gifted children’s summer program at the university in Reno. Your Las Vegas moving adventure will benefit the whole family!

4. Contract With A Las Vegas Mover:
If you’re moving to Las Vegas, NV, from California-and there are many people transitioning from places like LA or SFO to Las Vegas in the last few years-you’ll want to engage reliable Las Vegas moving professionals. Look for a relocation company that belongs to the American Moving and Storage Association. Your Las Vegas moving professional should be willing to make a personal visit to your home before he gives you a binding or nonbinding estimate.

Learn about moving estimates and other moving terminology from the government’s Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration’s website. Visit fcmsa.dot.gov to learn your rights and responsibilities. You should get these relocation estimates from at least three movers, and then check out Las Vegas moving companies on the website of your local Better Business Bureau.

And if you’d like additional valuable moving-to-Las Vegas tips, check out this http://www.lasvegasnevada.gov/files/QualityofLife.pdf for the city’s PDF brochure on qualify of life in this beautiful metropolis.

Get Up To 7 FREE No-Obligation Moving Quotes From Our Pre-Screened Las Vegas Movers Who Are Licensed, And Insured. Compare These Las Vegas Moving Rates And Save Up To 35%

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