Wilmington Movers | 3 Types of Wilmington Moving Quotes For Savings

wilmington moversPlanning a move to Wilmington can be done without the financial worry especially if you consider evaluating moving quotes from different Wilmington movers. By getting moving quotes, you would be able to save a lot of money and ultimately be able to budget before moving day arrives. In order to get a moving quote to suit your needs you need to first start off by providing the moving company with information such as the date that you are moving, your new location as well as an estimate weight of your household items.

There are three types of moving quotes that you can get when moving to Wilmington. They are binding, non-binding and not to exceed moving quotes.

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Wilmington Movers Quotes Types:

1. Binding Moving Quotes:
Binding moving quotes are quite popular for the mere fact that it restricts the moving company from going over the specific price that they have originally quoted for you. With this relocation quote both weight and services are usually calculated and the moving company would usually charge you for providing you with the quote.

So let’s say that you get a phone or online quote of $1,000 after you guesstimate the weight of your household items and the Wilmington movers show up at your home and realize that it’s a $3,000 job, the relocation company has to honor the original quote of $1,000. Binding quotes are always in writing and the moving company has the option to lower the cost after they have physically evaluated your household property.

2. Non-binding Moving Quotes:
With a non-binding quote on the other hand, you are not bind by the price that is originally quoted and unlike a binding quote the moving company would not charge you for providing their quoting services either. How a non-binding quote works is that the evaluation of your items would be done in person by a Wilmington mover who would come to your home and calculate the weigh of your items in order to give you a price. The price is subject to change; in most cases the price goes higher.

And even when the price climbs, do not be alarmed as you have a little protection in that the moving company is not allowed to exceed 110 percent of the first quote that you have received.

3. Not-To-Exceed Moving Quotes:
Lastly there is the “not to exceed” moving quote. This quote is similar to the binding quote in many ways in that you are always given a fixed price which cannot be increased on moving day.

Summary: Always weight the pros and cons of these three alternatives Wilmington movers quotes. This is for the most part an individual choice that is in accordance to time constraints, allocated budget, and the reliability that these Wilmington movers display to relocate your worldly possessions in a timely manner and in one piece sort of speak.

Get Up To 7 FREE No-Obligation Moving Quotes From Our Pre-Screened List Of Wilmington Movers Who Are Licensed And Insured. Compare Rates And Save Up To 35%

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