10 Moving House Tips To Remember & Save

moving house tipsMoving to a new place can sometimes be a daunting task.

Relocating ranks amongst the most uneasy tasks one can accomplish.

These 10 moving house tips can make your move a bit easier and lighter.

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Moving House Tips:

1. Timeline is vital for preparations to be followed. Ample time to prepare and execute a move is very important. It is advised that you look at moving as a 6-8 week process.

2. Hiring an honest reputable moving company is paramount. You would want a company not only competent in its moving services, but also one that you feel is priced just right.

The moving industry has a well-established metric that indicate who a potential trustworthy mover is, this certification is called the ProMover certification. You should always check if the mover you are contacting happens to be a ProMover mover.

3. If you have house animals, keep in mind that these pets also would be going through an adjustment period when you move. Make the proper changes to ensure their own smooth transition.

4. Add onto your list to change cable service, your phone, and any other utility service. Leaving any of these out can results in either delay of proper connection back at your new place, or an increase in your moving budget.

5. Make an essential kit. Pack in a separate container all first needed items like your identity cards, your jewelry, your keys, etc. Your kids’ essentials are also prime target to keep handy while you are on the road.

A move is difficult to undertake on children. Make them feel comfortable and have fun in this phase. For instance, give them treats while on the road, get a hold of a DVD player to entertain them.

6. While in transit, the moving company might need to reach you. Provide them with several ways to contact you either via email, phone, or a friend, should they require bringing you up to date on your move.

7. You must pack correctly. If your knowledge about this is limited then why not ask your moving company about it?

Any breakage that occurs during the move will not be insured if you were the one to do the boxing yourself. If your family could afford the extra service, allow the moving company to pack your belongings, in this case the moving company would stand behind its work.

8. Do anything humanly possible to be there on the agreed date to take possessions of your belongings. A mover could take your entire move to a warehouse where you’d be expected to pay for all the storage in case you can’t take possessions of your move on arrival date.

Adding a warehouse and storage facility to the mix, will undoubtly increase your moving budget.

9. Be calm and relax yourself. The relaxed you are the better the flow of the relocation will go. Expect certain bumps along in the way to your new home, keep an eye on the big picture and don’t allow it to distract you.

10. Moving would always mean that you have been promoted to a higher level wherein you are going into a new home. Just be patient on this, it will end soon.

In conclusion: Making a transition to a new home is never easy. This is the time where you are the most vulnerable – your entire worldly possessions in the hands of strangers. However, with proper planning, ample time to prepare, and aligned with the right moving company, it is possible to come out in one piece with all your belongings intact.

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