Charlotte Movers | 4 Tips To Avoid Over Paying For Your Charlotte Moving

charlotte moversCharlotte, North Carolina is a gorgeous city, and you can enjoy your move without having to pay a fortune on movers, supplies, and other necessities when moving to Charlotte.

You can save on Charlotte movers by using a few simple strategies to make your move stress free and a lot cheaper.

Do not risk overpaying for your Charlotte relocation.

Charlotte Movers Tips:

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1. Moving Boxes:
First of all, you do not have to be limited to using the discount moving boxes supplied by your Charlotte movers. If you are able to get enough boxes from the Charlotte moving company for free, then take advantage of that.

But chances are, you are going to have to buy some boxes. Try getting boxes for a discount when you buy in bulk at a shipping store. If you have the opportunity to get free boxes from friends, neighbors, or a retail store, be sure to take it! Boxes can be really expensive when you purchase them from the Charlotte movers themselves.

2. Relocation Prices:
You should be sure you are getting the best price from Charlotte movers. Charlotte moving companies might ask for a flat rate fee, or they might charge by the hour. Hourly fee Charlotte movers will usually charge based on how many movers you will want to hire, and then charge the fee for every hour of the move.

Flat moving rate companies will usually charge by how many rooms you want to relocate, and the weight of the furniture and items you need to move.

3. Adequate Moving Insurance:
Certainly, one would assume spending money is not a good way to save money. But when hiring Charlotte movers, you should definitely opt for moving insurance. If you have to spend a little extra, it can save you hundreds in the long run, if not thousands. Even the most respectable Charlotte moving companies can have unskilled or sloppy workers.

Surely, you have heard the horror stories from family, friends, or online. Movers can damage things, or even make very expensive possessions mysteriously disappear. If the moving company that you are interested in does not offer any kind of contract or insurance, then you should lose interest and look at a more stable company that does.

4. Charlotte Moving Quotes:
Finally, one of the best things you can do is get moving quotes from at least several Charlotte movers. This way, you will get a good idea of how big to make your moving budget, how you are going to be charged, and what to expect. Comparing moving companies when moving to Charlotte will save you a lot of money, as rates vary greatly between moving companies in an area.

The relocation quote will be affected by the size and distance of your move, and the services that you will be offered, such as free storage. Leave no stone unturned when looking for the best moving company for you when moving to Charlotte.

Summary: Hiring Charlotte movers to help you get from Point A to Point B doesn’t have to put you in debt. If you look at all of your sources for supplies, get an idea of how you are going to be charged, and compare companies with quotes, you can minimize your moving bill. Also be sure to opt for insurance, because just a little investment can save you a lot of trouble in case you do run in to some problems.

With these properly applied tips, you’ll be able to have a stress-free move to Charlotte!

Get Up To 7 FREE No-Obligation Charlotte Moving Quotes From Our Pre-Screened List Of Licensed Charlotte Movers. Compare Rates And Save Up To 35%

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