Raleigh Movers | 4 Facts To Review On Raleigh Moving Quotes

raleigh moversWhen you are moving to Raleigh, the last thing you might be thinking about is carefully looking over each of your possible Raleigh movers to check for the best moving prices, or to check for legitimacy.

But with housing costs on the rise, and events of dishonest Raleigh movers so common, you can not afford to stay uneducated about Raleigh moving company quotes.

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Raleigh Movers Saving Tips:

1. Define What Moving Services You Need:
It is essential that you know what you are paying for. Look at the goods and services that each company of Raleigh movers offers. Some Raleigh moving companies will give you free moving boxes. Another Raleigh mover will give you free storage. One Raleigh moving company will pack your stuff at a discount.

Furthermore, many Raleigh movers have different prices for different days of the week. Keep yourself aware of any deals that you can take advantage of. The final cost of the moving quote should be taken into account, but you should not neglect the other details of the transaction either.

2. Check Their Background:
Check up on the public opinion. Online message boards can tell you a lot about Raleigh relocation companies. You can find moving companies reviews about Raleigh movers from consumers just like you. They will share their experiences and some could have very insightful stories to help you decide one way or another.

Surely, you have heard of moving companies who steal, disappear, or charge twice their relocation estimate. This can be prevented if you learn from others’ experiences.

3. Understand Your Rights:
Read up on moving laws. When you are getting a quote from your Raleigh movers, even if it is non-binding, which means there is no guarantee, commitment, or contract, the movers are not allowed to charge you over 110 percent of the quote price. Some will do this regardless, while other Raleigh movers will just overcharge you after you get a moving estimate. If you know what your rights are, you will be able to take action when you feel they are violated. In fact, you get a copy of the FMCSA booklet about your rights and responsibility as a consumer here.

4. Agree On The Moving Charges:
Review how you are expected to pay movers. Some Raleigh movers expect you to pay by the hour, while others offer a flat rate. The distance and size of your move should help you decide which kind of company would help you save more. Flat rate moving companies will usually charge you on the size and difficulty of your move, while the hourly companies will create a fee that you will pay by the hour based on how many Raleigh movers they will have to send your way, and how many trucks you rent.

Summary: Now that you are well informed about Raleigh movers quotes, you will be able to make a proper decision about which company you will choose and how you will go about your move. Know your rights, know what you are paying for, and know who you are paying for. Only work with a moving company that you feel you are able to trust!

Moving with your Raleigh movers can be an exciting and problem free experience if you make plans and hire the right company for you. You are now ready to make your moving decisions!

Get Up To 7 FREE No-Obligation Raleigh Movers Quotes From Our Pre-Qualified List Of Moving Companies. Compare Rates And Save Up To 35%

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