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moving furnitureMoving to another place is a traumatic activity. For most, getting their furniture moved is a task that is so difficult to handle. They have a hard time on how to get things packed and protect it from moist, damages and dirt. Luckily, there’s an easy way in preparing the furniture on the moving date.

Moving them needs extra care for many of the furniture pieces are big enough to be fitted in a box. Putting a cover on your furniture, like plastic bag, can be helpful in protecting them and saving some of your money. The following are outlines of list on tips that can be used when packing with plastic bags:

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Moving Furniture Tips:

First step is to make a list of all furniture you own and the time it would cost to separate the parts. Just be sure you’ve got the plastic bags, tape, some labels, and most of the entire marker.

The task that requires a lot of time is to be the first in line. And that would be to separate the pieces of the furniture.

1. Separate the removal parts first. Place the table legs inside a plastic bag and label it on which item it belongs to. Place the label inside plastic bag.

2. Place the screws, nuts and bolts in a small plastic bag. Label it on which the item belongs to and place it in the bag. Place the small bag inside the bag that contains the legs of the table.

3. Tape the bag to the base of the pieces. Just be sure you place them in secured areas wherein they won’t be damaged during the removal of the tape. Repeat these steps for all the furniture.

4. Eliminate pillows and cushions then put them in clear bags. Fasten the bags and always check them for holes. Nobody wants moisture or some dirt getting inside the bag.

5. Make the furniture slide in the heavy duty bag for it to be covered completely.

Sofa, Mattresses and Chairs: They could be wrapped with a recycled plastic bag. Cover the casters and the wheels with plastics and tape the, for it not to move. Cover the legs and arm to avoid scratches.

Tables and Cupboards: Items like these should be covered with bags and wrapped in plastic. For all furniture, always check that the corners are covered and taped correctly to avoid damages. Bubble wrap is an excellent option. Furniture that is vulnerable on scratches should have their own protective padding.

Hanging Fixtures and Mirrors: They should be covered in bubble plastic wrap and is to be placed in large plastic bags and should be sealed. Always indicate fragile to avoid accidents and damages.

Dressers, Desks and Bureaus: Fill the drawers with carefully wrapped breakables. Place padding on the base of each drawer and seal them with tape. Wrap the pieces with bubble wrap and then cover them with plastic bag.

By using the plastic bags to cover furniture and some padding for the protection, this will ensure the safety of the furniture from damages. Plastic bags come from different sizes and are always available form retailers. If they are not available in your place there are many of them online. The moving company that you will hire can help you on getting plastic bags.

Moving your furniture does not need to be stressful. Together with the correct planning and wrapping, it would be an ease to move the furniture to another place.

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