Tucson Movers – 3 Types of Tucson Moving Quotes for Savings

tucson moversIf you’re moving to Tucson, Arizona, then you’re headed for a city that’s increased its population by 20% in the past decade! It’s a beautiful city with plenty of mountains and forested scenery combined with a warm, dry climate that keeps people smiling all year round.

Tucson movers and shakers have turned this city of some 500,000-plus people into a teeming metropolis of more than a million, and it’s still growing. Are you moving to Tucson or are you just undergoing a Tucson relocation within city limits?

Some of the neighborhoods you’ll encounter include:

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Tucson Movers Tips:

  • Central Tucson has lots of historical buildings, cultural spots, and plenty of shopping. It’s also bicycle-friendly and hosts the University of Arizona
  • If you’re looking for easy suburban living, try a neighborhood to the north or northeast of the city. Oro Valley and Marana are northwest, and Tanque Verde, to the northeast, is actually the more affluent and has lots of properties and facilities for horse lovers
  • The south side of Tucson, home of Tucson Electric Park, offers economic housing choices that are affordable for all socioeconomic levels
  • West Tucson, locale of the Old Tucson movie studio lots, interchanges urban with suburban amenities

When you’re choosing a Tucson moving company, you should start by getting several moving estimates and limiting yourself to Tucson movers that are licensed and insured. Look for websites that are user-friendly and informative. And when you call these Tucson movers, the people should be friendly, too. After all, if they don’t show courtesy when they’re still trying to get your business, they’re not going to be very responsive to your needs when you’re moving.

Reputable Tucson movers like Two Men and A Truck put their employees through a training regimen at the company’s Stick Men University®, where they learn how to handle a piano, how to move a fully loaded china closet without breaking anything, what to do with a big-screen TV, plus lots more.

All My Sons Moving and Storage bills itself as the premier Tucson movers. You can check out other Tucson movers on the internet, and take the time to visit the Better Business Bureau of Tucson. It’s not so bad if a company has a complaint against them; it’s more important how the complaint was resolved.

Tucson Movers Quotes:
You can get at least three types of quotes from Tucson movers. First, you can ask for a quote per pound of household goods. That means the company will provide you with an estimate beforehand, but it will actually weigh its truck after the movers have loaded your belongings before they present you with the actual bill.

Other Tucson movers charge per cubic foot. You might want to elect to pay this fee if you are having your goods packed professionally, because you and your family members will never be able to pack as compactly as professionals.

Also ask the Tucson movers if your estimate is binding or nonbinding. A binding estimate means that the movers cannot exceed what they’ve quoted you, as long as the move does not require any extra moving services from them. A nonbinding estimate can be increased by 10% of the original quote.

You should also ask about any fees for travel. Your moving day will be headache-free if you know ahead of time just what services you’re paying for. If you’re longing for new scenery and you’re ready to get moving, Tucson is the place for you!

Get Up To 7 FREE No-Hassle Tucson Moving Quotes From Our Pre-Qualified List Of Licensed Movers In The Tucson Area. Compare Rates And Save Up To 35%

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