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jackson moversWhen you’re getting ready to move to Jackson, you can save money by getting quotes from Jackson movers before you sign a contract with just any company. You owe it to yourself to explore four to six Jackson moving and storage companies.

Talk to family and friends, and get quotes on the internet. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover that Jackson movers who advertise on the internet are pretty competitive. Internet marketing services allow them to provide some of the best rates.

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Jackson Movers Saving Tips:

1. Be Comprehensive About Your Research:
No matter where you find your Jackson movers, make sure you check them out ahead of time with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Organize everything you need to know for your Jackson move by making yourself a chart. List each relocation company that’s quoting you, and then draw columns to record their answers to these questions:

  • Are you a private motor carrier or a broker? (You don’t want a broker, because he just sells your business to someone else.)
  • What’s your USDOT or docket number? (Check this out at the website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. For all registered Jackson movers they will be able to tell you about their past safety record.)
  • Have you resolved any complaints you’ve had with the Better Business Bureau? (And then visit your local BBB to make certain.)
  • What are your responsibilities for any damages that occur? (Your Jackson movers should give you a copy of your Rights and Responsibilities, or tell you how to view a copy of this information on the internet.)

2. Define How Charges Are Made:
When you are comparing moving quotes from various Jackson movers, keep in mind whether they are quoting you to move your goods by the cubic foot or by the pound. Most movers quotes by the pound. Someone might tell you that it’s cheaper to be charged by the cubic foot, but that’s not true unless you are a professional packer! Only someone who really knows what they’re doing can pack all those items as efficiently as necessary to make the cubic foot option a better value.

3. Pack Wisely:
When you begin packing your goods, try to do so in a methodical fashion, one room at a time. You’ll find that you actually do pack more efficiently, and the job of unpacking will be easier at your destination. Use medium moving boxes to pack dishes and glassware, because they are weighty. If a box is as heavy as a piece of furniture, the mover will charge you more to move it. Also, if it’s too heavy, it’s more likely to break. Discard items that you no longer use before you move, not after!

4. Plan On Having Adequate Insurance:
Be certain you know ahead of time just what kind of breakage insurance your Jackson movers carry. In some cases moving companies cannot sell you moving insurance; they can only provide you with a valuation for each pound of lost or damaged items. If the amount is sixty cents per pound, and they lose or damage a fifty-pound appliance (like a TV), they will only pay you $30. Is that okay? Heck no! Buy insurance from your regular homeowner’s agent, instead.

Request Up To 7 FREE No-Hassle Jackson Movers Quotes From Our Pre-Qualified List Of D.O.T. Approved Companies. Compare Rates And Save Up To 35%

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