Riverside Movers | 4 Tips to Use for Savings of 35%

riverside moversSo you’re moving to Riverside! Congratulations to you on selling your old place and finding a home in your new destination. We know that moving makes you want to pull your hair out-only death and job loss cause greater stress on a person.

But you can get through this if you stay focused. Interviewing Riverside movers is your first step. We have four tips to help you save at least 35% over the course of your move.

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Riverside Movers Tips:

1. Get multiple moving estimates:
Don’t just pick one of the Riverside movers you find in the phone book. Visit the internet and also talk to friends for recommendations. Getting several moving company estimates will ensure that you get the best moving services for the lowest possible relocation rates. Avoid brokers, because they usually take your money and sell the job to another company that you don’t even know.

When you interview Riverside movers, get each company’s USDOT number or docket number. You can then visit the website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (www.fcmsa.dot.gov) and enter that number. You’ll be able to pull up a profile on various Riverside movers to learn their safe driving history.

2. Get a hold of your supporting documents:
The Riverside movers that you consult should offer you three things. First is access to a pamphlet on your rights and responsibilities. Second is a Ready to Move pamphlet. And the third is their written policy on arbitration procedures in the event that something goes wrong.

3. Time your move:
As you plan your move-and maybe this should be Step Number One-try to get the timing right. Most people move in the summer months-June through September. If possible, time your move so that it’s at another time of the year. And once you’ve settled on a month, ask the Riverside movers that you’re talking to if they have dates open at the beginning or end of the month. They might charge you less if you move in the middle of the month, when business is slower.

4. Keep your valuables handy:
Part of your Riverside moving preparation should be packing a box of items that will stay with you and not go with the movers. Obviously you can’t pack everything in your car, so you’ve got to be selective! Take any medication that you or family members need.

Carry some basic toiletries, including toilet paper, and a change of clothes for everyone. Include your vital paperwork-birth certificates, social security cards, pet license and shots record, the kids’ school records, paperwork for your real estate transactions, and the bill of lading for your move.

Keep with you your checkbook and charge cards, plus your cell phone and other hand-held electronics chargers. Ask your Riverside movers what they won’t transport, such as plants, frozen foods, and flammable items. You’re better off giving these last items away to your neighbors and family rather than taking them with you.

Request Up To 7 FREE No-Hassle Riverside Moving Quotes From Our Pre-Qualified List Of Licensed Companies. Compare Prices And Save Up To 35%

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