New Orleans Movers | 4 Saving Tips of 35% You Must Understand

new orlearns moversIf you’re planning on heading south to join New Orleans movers and shakers, one of the first, best pieces of advices is this: Get yourself a friend who lives there now to show you around, honey, because lots of things have changed since Hurricane Katrina!

We want your New Orleans moving experience to be fun-without causing any kind of hurricane in your pocket book.

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New Orleans Movers Saving Tips:

1. Compare moving rates:
You can easily save 35% off the price charged by most New Orleans movers if you compare costs. Just about any New Orleans moving company will give you competitive moving rates if they know you’re getting competitive bids. Internet New Orleans movers provide great values, and you can get a ballpark idea of costs just by answering a few questions on each website.

Remember, however, that just about any fly-by-night guy with a truck can set himself up with a pretty website. How do you know which New Orleans moving companies are real if you don’t investigate them a little bit? Visit the New Orleans Better Business Bureau to check out specific New Orleans movers, or ask someone who already lives in the area to check out their location.

2. Professional image:
Once you’ve narrowed down your list of prospective New Orleans movers by visiting the BBB’s website, only then is it time to investigate a company’s telephone friendliness. You can bet your boots that if a company’s front line of contact-the person you reach when you actually phone them-isn’t polite and interested, then the guys who handle your precious stuff won’t give much of a hoot how happy they make you.

3. Narrow down your moving expenses:
Learn what moving services are offered by various New Orleans moving companies. Do you want to pack your own things, or would you rather spend the money to have the movers pack? The movers will pack everything, nothing, or a third option-they can crate just the most fragile items. Packing costs are minimal and you feel more confident about the safety of your stuff. Get your own boxes! They’re expensive–you can hang out at your local grocer’s and get them for free.

Describe accurately to your moving estimator if there are narrow doorways or lots of stairs that he can’t possibly know about. And talk to your New Orleans movers about the destination neighborhood, because if the moving truck is too large for the streets in your new neighborhood you’ll be charged extra for a shuttle van.

4. Adequate moving insurance:
Reputable New Orleans movers will not ask you to pay ahead of the move, although some might suggest a good faith deposit of maybe a hundred bucks. Be sure to ask what method of payment they will accept at the other end of the trip, because they won’t unload your goods until they’re paid. And ask them to quote you for replacement-value insurance, because the moving insurance that’s typically in place at no cost to you will only reimburse you sixty cents per pound for any damaged items.

You will be able to save good money on your New Orleans relocation-money that you can put toward work and play in the Big Easy-if you organize yourself ahead of time. And take a care package with you in your car, because you’re going to need toiletries, clean changes of clothes, and vital papers before you even begin to unpack!

Request Your 7 FREE No-Obligation New Orleans Moving Quotes From Our Pre-Qualified List Of Licensed New Orleans Moving Companies. Compare Prices And Save Up To 35%

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