Long-Distance Moving Quotes: Tips For Savings Of Up To 35%

long distance moving quotes So you’re getting ready to move! As you settle in for the long haul-pun intended-you’ve got to realize that the path to your new home starts at just one other place besides this website.

You must visit the website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). We have summarized some basic information about long distance moving quotes for you:

As you obtain your long distance moving estimates, you’ve got to be certain you are dealing with authorized companies. You want to be among the majority of people who have no complaints or problems with your movers. For that reason, you should ask each company that quotes to provide its docket number. You can visit the FCMSA website and put in the docket number.

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Long Distance Moving Quotes Tips:

The importance of a docket number:
Having checked its docket number, you will learn if they are licensed, insured, and bonded. You also want to be certain you are dealing with a moving company and not a broker. A broker will make a deal with you to have someone move your goods, and then he steps out of the deal. If something goes wrong, you have no recourse with a broker.

The FMCSA’s rules govern moves that involve transporting your household goods over a state line. If you are moving long distance but within the same state, check out your state movers association. The FMCSA website has a list of them.

Build a decision matrix:
Draw a grid on a piece of paper so that you can track the information you compile from each company. If you’re computer-handy, use a spreadsheet application for this purpose.

Along one axis list the names of the relocation companies that are providing you with long-distance moving quotes. In the various columns, fill in additional information as they give it to you. One of the first things you will enter is the docket number we mentioned in step above and whether or not it checks out with the FMCSA.

An in-house moving quote is what’s valid:
Do not allow a company to give you a final quotation over the phone. That’s a red flag! It’s acceptable to get some estimated long-distance moving quotes over the phone, but the moving company should be ready and willing to visit your home for a visual inspection of what you have to move.

Binding vs. unbinding quotes:
Ask your mover if your long-distance moving quote is binding or nonbinding. Movers will charge more for a binding quote, but you will be more protected in the long run. That’s because the mover cannot charge you more than 10% above the estimate.

To conclude:
Following this rule is how you avoid those horror stories about moving scams – people whose goods were held hostage until they paid the mover thousands of dollars more than the original estimate. But you must be thorough in your negotiations with the movers.

Ask if one truck will carry your goods from your old home to your new home, or if a contracted carrier has to help with part of the trip-and say no to that, unless you’re moving to Timbuktu as an example to a far remote location.

Don’t forget to read the FMCSA’s Frequently Asked Questions and the webpage detailing your rights and responsibilities. For any kind of long-distance moving, quotes are essential, but that’s just the beginning. You’ve got to arm yourself with every available bit of knowledge.

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