6 Reasons Why Movers Quotes Are Essential When Moving

movers quotesIf you’re moving, you’ve probably read a lot about the need to call a variety of movers and collect several movers quotes.

Why the big fuss? Aren’t all movers alike?

In a word, NO! You will find that movers offer moving services as varied as the companies themselves. We’ve got at least five good reasons why movers’ quotes become such an important part of your transition to a new home.

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Movers Quotes Saving Tips:

1. Variety of quotes:
Movers quotes vary in price. If you get moving estimates from three different moving companies, you will have three different amounts quoted to you on the cost of the job. It’s worthwhile to get at least some of your quotes online.

Moving companies that advertise on the internet attract a wider pool of clientele, and they can afford to give better moving prices to customers who find them that way.

2. Expect the unexpected:
You should also get moving quotes from any company that a friend has recommended. However, it’s wise to remember that just because your friend loved a company doesn’t mean that you will have the same experience.

3. Price based on weight should be the norm:
Most movers’ quotes are based on actual weight involved in the move. Although the mover cannot know the actual weight until your property is loaded onto his truck and the truck is weighed, he will be able to provide an estimate by physically viewing your goods.

Some friends might tell you that it will be cheaper to get your move quoted per cubic feet of goods, but this isn’t really such a good idea. First, only professionals are capable of packing compactly enough to warrant paying by cubic feet. Second, you cannot have a nonbinding estimate unless your movers’ quotes reference the weight of your goods.

4. Three choices of estimates:
Speaking of nonbinding estimates, you might well prefer to go by a binding estimate when you get your movers’ quotes. With a nonbinding estimate, the mover often inflates the final cost of the move significantly above his original quote – however, by law the mover can only charge 10% above of this nonbinding estimate.

With a binding estimate, the mover cannot charge you more as the final price over what was already agreed upon. The disadvantage of binding estimates is that you would be expected to pay the agreed upon price even if the final amount happens to be less than expected.

Your movers’ quote can also come as a Not To Exceed quote, which means that your final charge will be the binding estimate or the actual amount, whichever price is lower. No matter which type of estimate you accept, your mover should be happy to visit your home prior to the move and put the estimate in writing.

5. Consider extra expenses:
When you get your movers’ quotes, be certain to identify any unusual conditions that exist at the site of your new home. Otherwise you risk incurring additional, unforeseen moving charges beyond the 10% limit. If your street is narrow or too steep, for example, the mover might be required to transfer your goods from his truck to a smaller, shuttle-type truck in order to complete delivery. Describe your delivery location fully to the movers.

6. Request your moving pamphlets:
With each of the movers’ quotes you get, the movers should offer you two booklets offered by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)-one on your rights and responsibilities and one called “Ready to Move.”

To conclude:
He should also advise you of his willingness to participate in an arbitration procedure in the event of a dispute involving your move. Any movers quote that doesn’t include these three items should be discarded.

Be certain to visit the FMCSA website as well as that of the American Moving and Storage Association for comprehensive information on movers quotes, moving tips, and much more.

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