Apartment Movers: 5 Tips to Move into Your Place-and Save!

apartment moversMaybe you’re a young adult moving from your parents’ home into your first apartment. Possibly you’re a bit older, going through the anguish of moving from a house you shared with a significant other to an apartment where you’ll live alone. And maybe you’ve lived in an apartment for some time but now you’re relocating to brand new digs!

No matter what your situation is, the right apartment movers can make or break your move. And the right apartment movers will also affect how much you spend on this move. We’ve got some tips to help you choose the right company.

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Apartment Movers Saving Tips:

Apartment moving logistics always enters into the equation. As you contact various apartment movers for moving quotes online, you will be answering questions about how many rooms you have and whether you have any valuable collectibles.

But it’s also important to speak up about any unusual terrain that the movers must cross. Are there stairs within the apartment? If you have a loft, it’s possible that you’ll have stairs leading up to the loft area. Don’t forget to mention if there are steps that lead to your basement or attic storage. And what about hairpin turns in the hallways or stairwells?

Your apartment movers will also want to know about where they can park in relationship to the front or back door. They need to know if there is a freight elevator. Be certain to check with your building manager about whether there are restrictions on the days or times when you can use the elevator, especially if there is no freight elevator.

As you contact apartment movers to get moving estimates, resist the urge to call someone who has hung a sign with pull-off tags in the local Laundromat. Avoid calling someone who just runs a two-line ad in the newspaper. Usually you’ll be getting some guy with a pick-up truck, and he is unlikely to be licensed, bonded, or insured. Get someone who can do the job professionally!

Don’t forget to ask the apartment movers about moving insurance for your belongings. Most companies provide what they call valuation for lost or damaged goods: They take the weight of the lost or damaged items and multiply that by a fee-most often sixty cents. So if they lose your fifty-pound stereo center, you would be reimbursed at sixty cents times fifty pounds, or $30.

Ask about purchasing full-value insurance. If the apartment movers don’t offer it, call your regular insurance company-even if all you have is auto insurance-and ask about buying a policy for the move. (And then for Pete’s sake get tenant’s insurance!)

Be certain that you can get your security deposit back by making arrangements with your landlord for a final walkthrough as soon as your apartment movers have departed. If this depends on returning the apartment in a cleaned condition, then clean it ahead of time or get permission from the landlord in writing to do so afterward.

Walk through the apartment with the landlord on that day and agree on what is damaged and what is not. Be certain that all your possessions are removed, including those in the pantry and refrigerator, and sign an agreement with your landlord at the same time that you return the keys to him.

Get The Best Apartment Movers Rates! Request Up To 7 FREE Moving Quotes From Our Pre-Qualified List Of Licensed Apartment Movers. Compare Services And Save Up To 35%

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