5 Steps to Pack Your Computer for Storage

computer packingIf you’re moving, and you live in the modern ages, then besides all the dishes and books you’ve got to box up you also have some computer packing to do! It takes a little more thought and effort for packing computer components properly, because your computer is a fragile and important possession.

These moving and storage packing tips can help you gather your electronics, especially your computer for easy transporting it safely.

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Computer Packing Saving Tips:

First, get two boxes suitable for computer packing.
One will be for the monitor, and one for the tower itself. If you don’t have the box your computer came in originally-or maybe you’ve recycled it to store holiday ornaments!-visit your local shipping store and buy boxes for moving suitable for those two main items.

They are worth the cost. You should also ask for Styrofoam panels to fit into the boxes, or visit your local discount department store and buy a roll of bubble wrap. (Before the move is over, you’ll probably use it all!)

Next, sort out the parts of your computer.
Packing the whole thing includes the tower, the monitor, and the printer. You also have to disconnect the mouse and the keyboard. Is there a separate scanner? Speakers? Do you have a camera? As you disconnect everything, put labels or bits of masking tape on each cord or cable to show where it goes when you reconnect it.

Don’t forget to locate the original disks that came with your computer.
Put the mouse, keyboard, disks, and other small parts in antistatic computer packing bags or even waterproof food storage bags and place them in an additional box. Find the manual (and hopefully the receipt), but keep them with you – don’t pack them. In the event of loss or damage, you’ll need handy access to them to prove your loss.

Protect your monitor.
Place the monitor in the box with the rigid Styrofoam protecting it front and back; remember that the front of the monitor is glass. If the box wasn’t made for the monitor, insert additional bubble wrap so that the monitor cannot move within the box.

Secure your computer processor.
Likewise wrap the tower-also called the CPU-securely in computer packing material. You should pack it upright within the box, or if that’s not possible then lay it flat on the side that gives access to the motherboard.

In conclusion: These steps should get your computer safely through the move, but it’s wise to ask your movers for any additional computer packing instructions. If you don’t follow their instructions and your computer is damaged, you might not be covered for replacement.

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