5 Tips To Get A Moving Budget – For Up To 35% In Savings

moving budgetMoving is expensive-there’s no way around that fact. If you don’t put together an effective moving budget beforehand, you won’t be prepared for the unexpected when the day actually comes. Pre-move budgeting can keep the costs of your relocation from going sky high. So what should you plan for?

You can save money on your moving costs if you get free moving estimates from several movers. Use bonded, licensed, insured movers. Many of them advertise on the internet, which is quite common today. Because their internet advertising generates a lot of additional business they can allow discounts up to 35% – which can be a huge savings in your moving budget.

Build A Competitive Moving Budget! Use 7 FREE Moving Quotes From Our Pre-Qualified List Of Licensed Movers. Compare Moving Budgets From Several Companies And Save Up To 35%!

Moving Budget Saving Tips:

Your mover should give you a booklet about your rights and responsibilities. In fact, he’s obligated to do so by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). You can also visit the FMCSA’s website for a complete list of questions that pertain to your moving budget and your other responsibilities for the move.

If you are moving within fifty miles of your current address, then your mover is required to come to your home and inspect your goods in person. You should insist on that no matter what distance the move is. He must then provide you with a written estimate of his fees to move your goods including accessorial charges, which includes anything in the moving budget that applies to your access to your delivered goods.

You should ask for a binding moving estimate rather than a nonbinding estimate. You will have to pay more for the binding estimate, but when the mover delivers your goods he cannot charge you more than 10% over the binding estimate.

Be certain at the time of this estimate that your mover sees your starting location and that you fully describe your ending location. If there will not be clearance for his truck at your new address, you could unwittingly inflate your moving budget.

On moving day, the mover cannot increase your estimate once he has loaded something onto the truck. He can approach you before he loads something and tell you why it wasn’t included in the original moving budget. But once it’s loaded, the original estimate remains in effect.

Do not sign the bill of lading until everything in your old residence is loaded onto the truck. And, other than a small good-faith deposit, you do not have to pay him until your goods are delivered.

Look into the matter of insurance as part of your moving budget. The moving company will most likely allow a valued amount for your goods if they are lost or damaged. That means he will value them per pound only. If you have a hundred-pound appliance, and his valuation is forty cents per pound, he will only pay you $40 if it is damaged or lost.

Ask if he offers full replacement value moving company insurance, or buy a rider from the agent who supplies your auto and homeowner’s insurance.

Don’t forget all the incidentals of moving that are not a part of the actual moving budget. You might need deposits for new utility hookups. Have cash on hand for meals, toiletries, emergency lodging, and other expenses. If you have a pet, consider how you will transport Fido or Tiger on the day of the move. Be prepared to handle your children’s unexpected needs. A well-planned budget and lots of foresight can smooth the way for the easiest possible move.

Build A Competitive Moving Budget! Use 7 FREE Moving Quotes From Our Pre-Qualified List Of Licensed Movers. Compare Moving Budgets From Several Companies And Save Up To 35%!

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