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moving boxes companiesOnce you’ve established the date for your move-and made some arrangements to get moving estimates from moving companies – you should think about getting moving boxes. Prices range from outrageous to bargain rates, and so it’s wise to investigate several moving box suppliers well ahead of time.

Can you possibly get cheap moving boxes on your own? Doing so will save you money. But you have to be certain that the boxes you acquire are solid and well able to withstand the stress they will take on moving day. If they are old with warped sides and weakened corners, pass them up.

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Moving Companies Boxes Saving Tips:

Even if you strap them together with duct tape, there’s no guarantee they’ll hold together! If your boxes aren’t stable, it’s possible the relocation companies will deny liability in the event your goods are damaged.

Potential moving boxes providers include your mover, your local parcel delivery store, or even online suppliers. Online moving box companies might be the least expensive. You’ll find that some websites have quotes estimators to tell you how many boxes you need depending on your house size, but in the end they’re just estimates.

The actual number will depend upon the sizes of the boxes and the types of goods you have. Do you have a large home office? Does someone in the family collect books or figurines? We’ve found moving box companies that estimate the boxes necessary for a three-bedroom home as low as 20 medium, 12 large, and 8 extra large boxes, all the way up to 36 medium, 20 large, and 8 extra large-plus specialty boxes.

Expect costs to range from $120 to $160. These estimates include tape, bubble wrap or packing paper, marking pens, and other handy items.

Some people collect their own standard rectangular boxes, but they contact moving box companies for specialty boxes. Some boxes are especially designed for kitchen items; they are double-thick and reinforced to hold heavy dishes, glasses, and pots and pans.

Some of them come with partitions that separate individual dishes. At least one moving box company eschews these partitions because they are unlikely to fit your own particular dishes and recommends simply wrapping every piece in paper before placement in the special boxes. They cost about $7 each.

Moving box companies also sell wardrobe boxes. Most people underestimate the difficulty of transporting their clothes. Have you ever heard someone say they’ll just toss their clothes in the trunk of the car? They usually end up with a last-minute nightmare, with no boxes to pack things in and no room in the trunk.

Moving box companies often sell specialty boxes complete with a top bar so you can hang your clothes, for about $12 each. You can reuse the boxes for seasonal storage.

Don’t forget special frame boxes for your pictures, photos, and mirrors. These are also sturdily constructed, like the kitchen boxes, to protect your fragile thin objects. Moving box companies charge about $6 for them.

Pack one room at a time. Ask the moving box companies for packing tips — they should have a list of them. Mark each box clearly so that the movers know where to place it when you get to your new residence. After the move, it might be possible to sell your boxes back to one of the moving box companies — you can do the green thing and earn some green cash while you’re at it.

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