5 Reasons To Using Recycle Moving Boxes After Relocating

recycle moving boxesMoving day is a headache-not even counting the moving costs involved! The boxes alone probably cost you between one and two hundred bucks. If you want to recycle moving boxes, then you can recover at least some of the money you spent.

Some online vendors allow you to recycle moving boxes by offering them for sale. A place like BoxQuest won’t even charge you a listing fee. Once a potential buyer contacts you, the two of you reach a private agreement about the price you will charge and how your buyer will pay for them.

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Recycle Moving Boxes Saving Tips:

Some companies, such as Used Cardboard Boxes on the internet, will buy your boxes, but you must have at least a hundred. And if you want to recycle your moving boxes, they’ve got to be in excellent condition.

The deal is, however, that people save a great deal of money buying your recycled boxes-and it helps the environment. There’s a counter on the bottom of the website that tells how many trees have been saved.

Visit Earth911 for another way to recycle moving boxes. If you set your boxes out on your curb, it’s likely they’ll be taken by the trash company. But Earth911 will tell you where to call if you want to recycle moving boxes or anything else, for that matter. You can find out where you need to take your boxes or whether they will be picked up. It’s the green thing to do.

Try listing your boxes at the local university’s moving assistance office. Most colleges and universities have an office that helps professors and students who are moving into-and out of-the area. If you list your boxes for sale, you’re likely to have someone contact you who will be willing to pay you for them.

You won’t get nearly as much as you paid-after all, they’re used!-but if you recycle moving boxes you’ll help the environment, as mentioned above, and it will pay you enough for a night out in your new city.

EBay and Craigslist are also ways to recycle moving boxes. You can list them as used, set a price, and once someone bids on them, just pack your boxes up-in one of your boxes! — and ship them off. Just be certain to check with your local shipping relocation company to find out how much it will cost to ship them before you place your ad.

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