I Am Moving: Would Recycled Boxes Work For Me?

recycled boxesIf the above title is a question that you have right now, then read on. There are a lot of good things about recycled boxes. It costs so much to buy brand-new ones that used moving boxes are the obvious best choice. You do not necessarily forfeit quality, and you will save a truckload of money!

Why are recycled boxes such big business with relocation companies these days? The primary reason is that we now live in a world where people are very conscientious about the environment. By using recycled moving boxes, you save green trees while you also save the green stuff in your wallet.

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Recycled Boxes Saving Tips:

Check out a few of the moving companies that you’ll find on the internet and explore what they offer. Each company puts it own twist on options for moving boxes.

Used Cardboard Boxes (http://www.usedcardboardboxes.com) purchases boxes from people or organizations who are offering recycled boxes. Boxes undergo three separate inspections to ensure that they are strong enough to withstand your moving-day needs. If they can’t pass those tests, they are recycled into different paper products.

When you purchase this company’s recycled boxes, the sizes might not be exact. While companies selling new boxes tell you ahead of time exactly what you’re getting, Used Cardboard Boxes’ products are assembled into so-called kits that will meet the approximate needs of people who are moving.

The boxes might display printing or have half-torn labels on them-but the boxes themselves will be sturdy and reliable. The company promises to supply you with 100% satisfaction or your money back. And all recycled boxes are shipped free by way of United Parcel Service (UPS).

BoxQuest (http://www.boxquest.com/index.htm), on the other hand, serves as a connecting place for people who want to sell boxes and people who want to buy them. The arrangement for selling and transporting the boxes from one party to the other is strictly between the two of you. The company makes no guarantee for the recycled boxes you will get.

When you’re on the BoxQuest website, you click on the link for Find-n-Buy. Then you will see a list of states. If your state is listed, click on it, and you will have a list of cities within that state where someone is offering boxes. The options you find will offer you anything from free recycled boxes to ads for brand-new products. It’s worth your while to check it out! You can also place an ad on BoxQuest to resell or just give away your own used cheap moving boxes.

Tree Free Boxes (http://www.treefreeboxes.com/moving-boxes/used-boxes/) is another place that lets you buy or donate recycled boxes. Some are free and some are very inexpensive, and the quality of the boxes is rated. Your leftover bubble wrap and tape can be recycled as well!

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