Proven Storage Cubes Tips To Get Organized & Save 35%

storage cubesWhile you’re making plans to move to a new place, you’ve got to institute a new rule of order: Your things are going to be better organized! You can reduce clutter with modular storage cubes and incorporate a modern, chic look to your new home sweet home.

Storage cubes are manufactured by several different relocation companies, but all of them base their designs on a single uniting concept: You buy as many cubes as you want and you find a way to stack or connect them that makes sense for you. You can cluster them in an amazing variety of ways to create storage options that will save you a lot of money yet provide you with the room and organization that you have always lacked.

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Storage Cubes Tips:

Most storage cubes begin as 15-inch models. Many manufacturers offer them in slightly smaller versions, but the basic concept of connecting the cubes for sleek storage purposes remains the same.

They’re made from an enticing variety of materials. Among the most popular are versions made from wood and wood byproducts. A few are rendered from plastic-based materials. The heaviest kinds are the storage cubes made from solid particle board.

But you can also buy them manufactured with a hollow-core construction so that they weigh about half as much. You will often find them with solid-wood frames that stabilize the cubes, plus MDF or PVC laminates. Some companies offer storage cubes that you assemble using screws in the corners, and others use cam locks.

You will even find ecologically correct models, with the storage cubes made from recycled paper that weigh about two-thirds as much as standard models yet offer almost equally sturdy reliability. Some manufacturers even offer see-through wire cubes, available in a wide array of colors.

Besides the standard 15-inch (or so) cube, you can also get a so-called double-one that’s 15 inches deep and wide, but 30 inches long. Many people buy the double, position it with the long end on the floor so that it serves as a base, and stack the two regular cubes on top of it. And there’s a double that’s divided by a long shelf.

The standard storage cubes also come with dividers and drawers in them for versatility. Some of them boast doors on them. Colors range from plain white or black to honey-colored wood tones. You can even paint them to suit your desire and décor.

Your storage options are limited only by your imagination! Imagine positioning the 30-inch style beneath two 15 inch cubes, one with drawers and one with a dividing shelf. You can get rid of clutter by using these in endless variations:

  • Shoes and umbrellas. Have one for each person in the family.
  • Dining room essentials. Use them for special dishes, napkins, or other dining essentials.
  • Pet supplies.
  • Arrange them for your household tools.
  • Books, DVDs, or CDs.
  • Figurines or collectibles.
  • Office supplies.

The wire cubes can be linked together to use for guinea pig or hamster caging.

Try the polypropylene storage cubes that come ready for assembly-complete with casters.

Use them in place of traditional furniture-stack them in a bedroom to serve as dresser drawers.

With your life in some sort of order, you’ll always wonder why getting organized took so long.

Make An Easy Transition When Moving. Get Up To 7 FREE Moving Quotes From Our Pre-Qualified List Of Licensed Movers With Inclusive Storage Space. Compare Services And Save Up To 35%

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