Hiring Interstate Movers: 5 Easy Moving-With-Children Tips

interstate moversHave you been involved with real estate agents and interstate movers? Those clues mean you’re about to embark on a crazy adventure, but you can bring it all home with patience and energy to spare.

Help your kids get through this trying time, too, by involving them with the moving process from the time you contact interstate movers all the way through to the unpacking. We have great tips to prepare for your interstate movers and make it all come together-and it starts by including your kids.

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Interstate Movers Tips:

1. Jocelyn and Janelle will draw their attitude from yours, so keep it upbeat! Don’t hide your plans until the last minute. Give your children plenty of time to get used to the idea, and help them get acquainted with your new community.

They won’t be able to see their new digs firsthand if it involves interstate movers and all that jazz, but let them log online and begin research on their new neighborhood. Ask them to find out information such as the area population and how the new city got its name. The busywork will help them get over the I-Gotta-Move Blues.

2. Donnie and Marie’s next project will take them to the new school district’s website. Even if they don’t appear to be excited, they won’t be able to control at least some interest in the schools they’ll be attending. Ask the interstate moving companies if they know the area. And, by the way, don’t forget to call the school in your current neighborhood and tell them your children will be involved in an interstate moving adventure.

You’ll need their transcripts, and don’t forget to ask for the immunization records that the school has on file. Plus, if one or more of your children has been involved in an extracurricular activity, schedule some face time with the coach or teacher who’s in charge of that; maybe he or she can help the transition with a letter of recommendation to the new school.

3. Give Edward and Jacob each a box and tell them to start packing. Even very young kids have enough skills to help with this huge job-packing doesn’t have to be perfect!. Look over the list of packing tips that you got from your cross country movers.

Have your kids pack up the clothes, toys, and books in their rooms. Put them in charge of labeling boxes or sticking color-coded labels on boxes. If their friends want to help, let them; and allow them plenty of time to take a break and take photos of each other.

4. What about Lassie? Ask your interstate movers if they have lists of veterinarians. If not, this is yet another internet assignment for Aly and AJ. Have them visit your new county’s webpages and search for pet laws. They can simply type in the words “humane society, new city and state” into your search engine.

Ask them to research ways to keep your pet from becoming overexcited on moving day. Your interstate relocation company can probably update you on best transportation methods. Let the kids know how much Lassie relies on them for comfort at this stressful time.

5. Whether Nick, Kevin, and Joe are teenagers or grade schoolers, get them to journalize this adventure in your lives. Assign one of them to catalogue all the information you get from the interstate moving companies.

They can make lists of your favorite places at your current home. And then they can write ideas for outings once your interstate move is a fait accompli. Activities like these help your children to mark their important places within the family, even during hectic occasions that involve interstate movers.

Make Your Move With Children Hassle-Free. Get To 7 FREE Moving Quotes From Our Pre-Approved List Of Professional Movers. Compare Services And Save Up To 35%

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