Moving Overseas | Why Do People Move Abroad

People talk about moving abroad for a variety of reasons. No matter what the reasons are, there is always an interesting combination of challenges and changes. What’s your motivation? Some people are moving overseas because of transfer by their employers. Remember almost a decade ago on the old Friends television series, when Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel […]

Living in Spain – Some Practical Considerations

This article may help those people who have ever thought about moving abroad but have never mentioned it to anyone yet. It is specifically about Spain but could well be applied in some of its general principles. For a Northern European, a Brit in my case, living in Spain was always my dream. From a […]

Learn The Rules Of Customs In Spain

When traveling to, or moving to Spain, you will need some basic information. There are fifty territories within the nation. Among the largest metropolitan districts are Madrid, Valencia, Malaga and Bilbao. For those who take the time to research the background of the region it becomes clear that there is a rich history.

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